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  1. Eschatonic

    TV Repair Resource

    Here is a link to a splendid resource collection by Thomas Oldbury. He has the service manuals, training manuals and his own repair notes for many types of television including LG, Panasonic, Samsung and many more.
  2. Eschatonic

    LG plasma tv problem

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to bother to reply to the somewhat throw away (and correct) comments that I ventured in the hope that I might be able to help someone a little bit and also for involving your chum Martin. I genuinely don't know why you have singled me out for such attention...
  3. Eschatonic

    LG plasma tv problem

    So what you are saying is that if I ignore your advice which you have obtained from a commercial web site called Satcure who sell capacitors without letting you know who the actual manufacturer is I will be doing a cynically bad job. Do you think I should use 85 degree low ESR caps in a TV...
  4. Eschatonic

    LG plasma tv problem

    Often this is caused by failed capacitors in the power supply. For anyone with this problem I offer the following advice (adopt proper safety measures). Open it up and thoroughly inspect the main printed circuit boards looking for signs that a capacitor has failed these are - bulging can...
  5. Eschatonic

    OVEN ISSUE AGAIN!! help please

    Have you tested the element or are you just assuming that it's failed? Like you I would thing that an element would last a great deal longer than a year. Good luck anyway.
  6. Wise words indeed

    Wise words indeed

    An Indesit halogen hob with user.
  7. Eschatonic

    Wiring an Indesit Halogen Hob

    Looking around the interweb there is a fairly common issue with the wiring arrangement for hobs such as the INDESIT - VRM640MIX Ceramic Hob. Problems arise when, for one reason or another, the Indesit supplied pre-wired cable is disconnected and you cannot remember how to re-connect it...
  8. Indesit Hob Connector Box

    Indesit Hob Connector Box

    Using the Indesit supplied cable
  9. Indesit Hob Wiring

    Indesit Hob Wiring

    This picture shows a GB Indesit cable wired to the connector box on a halogen hob.<br>This wiring scheme is common to many Indesit appliances.