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    ? Non standard tap valves.

    I had a similar problem recently never did get to the bottom of it I just refurbished the old one, bit of grease on the spindle new washer and good to go. (y)
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    Make gravel bed suitable for mobility scooter

    How about something like this?
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    Should I use PVA Glue?

    You will be lucky if any glue works, need the bed cut out and re-cemented in, but if you "feel lucky" go for a sealant like CT1. (y)
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    Satinwood Paint

    Not used the "Guard" version but I find Johnstones Aqua pretty good. A couple of tips always use their undercoat first, dampen the brush slightly before painting and just before applying wipe the surface down with a damp cloth, on something like a paneled door that takes time you may find a...
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    What is the best way to fill this hole in facia board?

    Any bit of wood just a rough shape, you will be filling around it, the wood is just to save filler and bulk it up. (y)
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    So I screwed into a copper pipe

    Provided A, it is not gas, B you did not go through the back too. This should get you out of trouble, check for nothing combustible in the hole before soldering! :giggle: Flowflex Clickfix Copper Pipe Repair Patch 15mm (5962V) Screw fix sell them £5.49 part no 5962V
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    What is the best way to fill this hole in facia board?

    Same as repairing plasterboard, cut a bit of batten to extend about 2 inches either side of the hole, put a hole in the middle with string attached slip the timber in and use the string to pull back hard against the facia then screw through the board (pre drill and counter bore the holes) to...
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    What type of hinge

    Have a look here. (y)
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    Weather compensation on old single pipe system

    I would go for basic CH controls keep it simple then any qualified gas engineer will be able to sort out any breakdowns or trouble, otherwise in the middle of winter when your fancy system decides it is 20deg outside most fitters will scratch their head and run away after getting their call out...
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    Weather compensation on old single pipe system

    As long as the old pipework has a good flush and the cylinder, DHW pipework and valves replaced, it will work, but any one pipe system will never work as well as a two pipe.
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    Weather compensation on old single pipe system

    As said your old system is very basic "if it works don't fix it". Any money you have would be better spent replacing the system where you will get real benefits.
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    Dianne Abbot

    On a lighter note, I was scrolling up a news feed and saw "Diane Abbot stripped", then as it scrolled up "of Labour Whip". Phew!
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    Odd phone message in Welsh!

    It's a warning the English are invading again, look out for Castle building in your area! :giggle:
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    Weather compensation on old single pipe system

    Seems to me a weather compensating system on an old one pipe (and possibly gravity hot water) with an old boiler is like giving a sat nav to a Pony Express rider! Over complicated and unlikely to be worth the outlay. ;)
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    Best method to fix toilet pan to LVT floor over two layers of 18mm hardboard

    Screws for me unless the pan/floor are very uneven them a bed of mastic helps. I always run a thin bead of silicone around the pan and the finished floor anyway. Do invest in some brass or stainless screws it can save a lot of trouble later.
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    CDA Kitchen tap cartridge replacement

    May be limescale, try soaking in vinegar of better still a descaler like Limelite soak well and wrap in cloth or kitchen towel soak in it too leave overnight.
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    Anything to recover old screw holes?

    Matchsticks/cocktail sticks and wood glue. (y)
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    What's my options with these brutalised stairs?

    Replacing the tread is not an easy option. I would use a sander to get the face as true as possible then glue and pin some wood trim to the front. Have a look in somewhere like Wickes at the rack of trims to find something.
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    My dulux paint is bubbling

    Good luck, please say how you get on.