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    Kitchen sink strainer question

    +1, gasket for the underside, silicone for the top.
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    conventional boiler v combi running costs

    I worked it out in longhand, as I have a larger than normal bath I ended up with a 1200x450 cylinder. (assuming that I fill the bath with 2/3 hot and 1/3 cold and that only 2/3 of the cylinder is heated). It's actually more than I need, in practice there's enough for a bath plus a couple of...
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    conventional boiler v combi running costs

    I have a relatively new (vented) cylinder and it will keep hot for days if I don't draw any water off. So the standing heat loss from the cylinder is quite low. Also any heat lost will help warm the house in winter. If you get a combi, you'll be cursing it when it breaks down (which it...
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    Leather furniture & radiators

    Given that leather is basically skin, no closer to the rad than you can hold your hand :idea:
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    What size screws do I need to secure a toilet to the floor?

    Add 10mm for laminate on expanded foam backing, fibre backing will be more. Traditionally the screws were always brass to mitigate corrosion.
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    Stinky sink - incorrectly fitted trap?

    One test it may be worth doing is to pour bleach down the overflow, if the overflow is manky. If it's icky inside it can release a blast of 'sewer gas' when you pull the plug. But the fact your washing machine is backing up points to a blockage downstream.
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    Stinky sink - incorrectly fitted trap?

    A blockage could count as a sagging pipe holding water, causing a double airlock.
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    Weird one...

    I'll leave you be then.
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    To rip it out and start again - or not

    Trouble is the plastic can 'creep' over time resulting in leaks. I think you have three options, replace with push-fit, do it in copper, or monitor periodically.
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    Weird one...

    If there is a slight trickle getting past the sealing washer at the bottom of the flush valve, the water level in the cistern will drop. When it drops low enough the fill valve will add a little water to bring the level back up again. Flush valves are usually a bayonet fit so you could undo...
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    Sunvic Select XL Timer

    +1 to that. I avoid Sunvic like the plague. My recommendation would be a Drayton LP722 or MiTime dual channel programmer, depending on how much 'bling' you want, but opinions will vary.
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    Radiator Efficiency

    I would say that the as the radiator has given up only half of its heat, the boiler will have to add only half the heat when that 'packet' of water next gets reheated. I would posit that the radiator in isolation is 100% efficient, but that the boiler and pump will use more electricity if the...
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    Expansion vessel heavy

    You said it better than I could, oldbuffer!
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    Expansion vessel heavy

    Blonde moment, have edited previous post accordingly.
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    Expansion vessel heavy

    It's all relative - the actual amount of 'expanded water is fairly small. As the one EXV is full of water the other will always feel light by comparison as it's functioning correctly. Have you checked the precharge pressure on the second vessel?
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    Radiator Efficiency

    With radiators it's heat in = heat out :. 100% efficiency. If the radiator is half full of air then it will be less effective but still 100% efficient, considering the radiator in isolation.
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    Fault on Ideal boiler

    Is your crystal ball in for repair, Dan? :D
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    Creating a tiny airlock, am I worrying about nothing.

    If you really want to leave an upstand you could fit a manual air release (thumb vent) to let the air out.