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    cctv package

    Hi guys ,i can finally afford to get cctv on the back of my place, I've got this one in mind, just wondered what you thought to it: many thanks
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    Builders waste

    Hi. does anyone know how you go about getting liscenced to go to your local dump and take customers old doors ,kitchen units etc. Many thanks
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    Pipe/cable detection

    Guys i need the best detector/s on the market, money no object. Any suggestions greatly received ,many thanks.
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    Fitting of a new timber framed window

    yep thats the correct way
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    which tv? for cctv

    getting a maplins package with dvr and 2 cameras, does anyone know if i need a special tv?
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    Advice needed on overdue payment

    What i would do is confront him in person, if you want take a mate but he needs to stay in the van prefrably out of eye shot then he can be a witness if anything kicks off then you can tell him you have no choice but to take out a ccj as recommended. He'll pay :twisted:
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    CCTV question

    Hi guys, is 500gb a good enough memory for recording a nights footage of film.
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    Google adwords

    Got to admit its working bloody well for me!, you really need to try different adds and make your main add title to the point
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    I find the ones that come with drills okay, i've got hitachi which is okay but a makita would be better
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    metal cuts

    Can anyone suggest a tool for small and tidy cuts in metal, i was thinking about the bosch multitool but not sure?? :?: Thanks
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    Which CCTV??

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    Which CCTV??

    Hi guys and merry christmas to you all, I'm sure this is probably asked all the time but i'm after a CCTV single camera to look over the rear of my house. Was thinking of wireless one but read some bad reviews so i'm a bit confused now. Its needs to pick up about 10 meters and was thinking of a...
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    Advertising For 1st Time - Suggestions\Experiances?

    Hi Neil, i'm no web expert either but someone who is said you have about 6-8 seconds from someone landing on your homepage to provide the information that people are looking for. I have two sites and i'm only just happy with the way one is looking after a lot of time and research. Important...
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    make mine a builders

    Wasting a cupa on a sausage dog WTF!! It'll be raining fivvers next.
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    Decking project

    top job, looks like plenty of support and strong too
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    Recruitment Agencies

    As for going direct i've worked for some real dodgy fu??e?s in the building trade, can't speak for admin work,not done it.
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    Recruitment Agencies

    How else are youngsters supposed to learn their trade? I learn't the hard way through on and off for agencies and then went on to earn a living from them so i can't slate them. I agree apprenteships are better (if you can get one!)
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    window catches to secondry double glazing

    (The sprung catches that go into keeps to keep the top sash up on the bottom corners) Anyone fitted these before? Looks like a nightmare job, dont even know where to get them from.
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