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    Garden decking.

    The only thought I had for this was that the waterproof box (which is what you are making) may become unstable when it is submerged, i.e. it will want to float... as long as the weight of it is more than the weight of water it displaces then you will be fine. I have no further comment on the...
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    Borders, Grass and Drainage

    It will entierly depend on how "sandy" the topsoil that you bring in is. you want to mix it so that the consistency is correct for application, that being a dry sandy mix but without it all being sand. it's hard to explain really, so you will have to make a best guess, but google some images...
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    Borders, Grass and Drainage

    Go back to the lawn care website link I gave you and look at the section on top soil and what you will need (assunming you are on clay if I remember correctly) is a sandy loam soil. Read up on this as it is important to get it correct, however, at first glance, most of your links would provide...
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    replacing old lawn with stones

    personally, I would weed spray the whole area and then, after a couple of weeks (once the weedkiller has done it's work), I would dig the area over and remove any large weeds etc, then cover it. after another couple of weeks, remove the fabric and kill/dig out any remaining plants, before...
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    How much do 1800 x 100 x 20mm fence slats weigh?

    yes, assuming you have a standard 4 door car, that can take 5 people total plus luggage. a person being 70~80kg. With you driving, that leaves a spare capacity of approx 300kg, which means each slat can be 5kg and it would be in line with potential loading, not including any luggage...
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    Borders, Grass and Drainage

    sharp sand should be fine again to use, rather than the soft sand. This is usually to top dress, so you want to read up on top dressing. I wouldn't use the hose to push the mixture around as you will likely end up with a very uneven lawn, you should try and top dress when it is dry so you...
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    Borders, Grass and Drainage

    Again, depending on where you go, I think you could get a bag from 25L up to a tipper truck delivering 20 tonnes, so entierly up to you with how much you think you'll need and how much you want to do at a time... Do a goolge search for your local area and see what you can find.
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    Borders, Grass and Drainage

    Yep, clay soil moves lots during dry or wet periods, expanding and contracting, its noting to worry about... filling it will help, but you don't need to over water it the addition of sand and top soil will help over time to reduce the overall volume of clay and therefore will reduce the...
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    Borders, Grass and Drainage

    What you have said appears to be along the right lines, but compaction is compaction and will happen over time and will occur more in trafficed areas. Its all a bit trial and error to be honest, it depends on your specific site and conditions. I would agree with your final statement about...
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    Borders, Grass and Drainage

    I'll be perfectly honest and say i'm not sure either way about your raking attachement for your scarifier. It will depend on exactly what it should be used for and how, specific to that tool. I do know that they should be different operations. As previously discussed they serve two...
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    Borders, Grass and Drainage

    Scarification is specifically to remove growth on the surface, not to aerate. If you are going that deep you will be ripping up the top level of grass roots and I don't think that will help very much. Also you shouldn't have to do it too often. Have a look here...
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    Borders, Grass and Drainage

    The grass could be put straight down on the soil surface, it forms a mat that stops stuff growing (weeds etc), then next time you turn the soil, it gets mixed into the soil and breaks down that way, no need to put in the composter. As for scarifying and aerating, they are two different...
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    Borders, Grass and Drainage

    step 1, dig a trench for the border step 2, place new border, concrete in to fix? step 3, sort out soil inside border, by diging down, possibly it only needs a turning with a fork to break the soil up, keep turning it and it will break down, add grass cuttings as a mulch and to help improve...
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    Replacing pitch fibre pipe:-(

    Hello, bit late to this thread, but somewhere in my mind, I seem to remember that pitch fiber pipes is a potential ACM? don't want to go to far down that route if all it needs is a dust mask when cutting it, but is it a precaution that needs to be taken? or have i got this wrong?
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    Building patio near fence

    If you go right up to the fence, and I assume 2 foot down at the fence line, what will hold your neighbours garden up? A fence will not do the job, so you need to build a retaining structure, doing this on the boundary will give you issues, you'd be better off doing this within your own...
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    New brick Shed/Workshop on chalky ground - help?!

    How about a concrete pump? obviously expensive compared to a wheel barrow, but a lot easier to transport concrete over a distance...
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    Cutting Decking at an angle

    I would do as you have done in your little image, but to get the back edge cut correctly, put the board up against the fence so the corner you want to cut off is touching the fence, then measure from the other corner to the fence, in line with the board. this will give you the length to cut from...
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    best budget fence posts

    Concrete posts burried well in the ground. Do it correct the first time, might cost you twice as much now, but you won't be out there replacing the lot every 5-10 years.
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    Install concrete slotted fence posts so they are removable?

    The way I have seen it done, is to use a rigid tube, larger than the post, install this in the ground using concrete to hold it in place. You then insert the post once the concrete has set, and surround with dry sharp sand, pack this in tight so the post is firm. Then add a mortar haunch up to...
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    Fences - attaching things to existing fences

    If it is your fence and you paid for it, then it is your property and no one should touch it without your consent, you could ask for repair money, but not sure where in legal terms you will stand, but it is damage to your propoerty... As for ongoing costs to maintain something on someone...