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    Need advice on fixing an Ideal Classic boiler

    Not much to go wrong with a Classic! Only the fan to be honest! Is the fan spinning freely ?
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    Honeywell 3 port valve fully open but no hot water

    Oilhead is right! There will be a wiring fault there, sounds like a few people have had there fingers in it! Download a wiring diagram for a "Y" plan, and check it.
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    Combi boiler conversion

    You can ask questions on here all day long, everyone will have a different opinion and you will be none the wiser! I have fitted a few 937's not over impressed with them the boiler is huge, and like i said earlier you need a blow off pipe which can be a pain if your fitting it upstairs or...
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    Combi boiler conversion

    Personally Id leave the pipework alone, your pressure and flow rate is really good, I cant see any benefit in upsizing, like you say the vaillant takes 15mm inlets anyway! You will need 22mm gas to the boiler, and if it was me Id fit an 837, the 937 is a big boy, dont forget you will need a...
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    Honeywell CM907 Room Stat wiring..............?

    Heating controls come under part L of the building regulations, a room stat or trv's are required to comply, having said that the installer only fills in the benchmark form that comes with the boiler, this is a record of commissioning and a record of future servicing, this remains your property...
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    Honeywell CM907 Room Stat wiring..............? Try that one :)
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    New House Thermostat

    Without seeing the one in question its a bit hard to comment, however I would suggest emailing or phoneing the manafacture and asking them! sorry dont mean to rain on your parade! Brian
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    Vaillant 824E won't ignite - help wanted

    If its clicking then your almost there, I dont want to say to much as this is not the gas forum, but make sure the gas is on and its getting to the boiler! good luck
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    heating diagram

    It sounds like a "Y" plan with a zone valve installed for further control, if you want to control both valves you will need a 3 channel programmer like a Horstmann. Just for information I have 2 cylinders in my house standing side by side in the loft, the primarys are connected together and...
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    Wiring Honeywell HC60NG

    The receiver would normally be fitted near to the wiring center for ease as you need a permanent live, as at present your live will come via the programmer, this means that when the heating is off on the programmer then there will be no power to the receiver. TS630B Brown = Live Blue =...
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    Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior

    Think carefully before attemping to remove the plate heat exchanger, its not as easy as you might think, If you end up removing the hydraulic block buy some new washers for the primary pipe connections with the white twist fasteners, you also might want to change the PRV at the same time.
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    Help with wiring of Room Thermostat - Honeywell T6160

    Gerry, I didnt appreciate you was talking about a combi, your best bet is to look at the connections in the boiler, you should have a "NS" "LS" "LR" "LS" goes to "com" on the Horstmann "LR" goes to "NO" on the Horstmann "NS" = Neurtral, this is not required on the Horstmann Try...
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    ravenheat boiler

    What Ravenheat is it? and does it do anything at all, is the fan running?
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    Help with wiring of Room Thermostat - Honeywell T6160

    Hi Gerry. Was you changing the room stat because of the problem with the heating and hot water permanently on, or is this a new problem? I don't want to teach you to suck eggs (very old saying) but it all starts from the programmer, when heating or hot water is selected a live is put out...
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    Help with wiring of Room Thermostat - Honeywell T6160

    T6160 Terminal 1 = Live from programmer(yellow) Terminal 2 = Neutral (blue) Termainal 3 = Switch live (red) NO = Normally open NC = Normally closed Connect the red wire to NO Connect the yellow to Com Insulate the blue wire and leave it loose inside the room stat, do not...