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    Boiler lights twice and then just keeps sparking

    Hi, I have a Glowworm Fuelsaver Complheat 55 boiler. When i switch it on, the gas lights up stays for 15 to 20 seconds and goes off. This happens around twice or thrice and then stops. After this it just keeps sparking but doesn't light up the gas. What is the problem here? Please help.
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    Glowworm Fuelsaver Complheat - Pressure top up

    Hi Pete, Got the connector. I have looked at some videos to find where i need to fit these but couldn't figure it out on my boiler (pic attached).
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    Boiler underside pic
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    Glowworm Fuelsaver Complheat - Pressure top up

    Hi , Can you please tell me how i should go about adding water to the get the pressure up in the boiler? This is a Glowworm Fuelsaver Complheat 55. A complete newbie, so a detailed reply will be very helpful. // Thanks