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    Vitodens 050-w: OpenTherm and Outside Temp Sensor

    Hi Forum, I am in the process of installing a Vitodens 050w and have purchased a Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat which supports OpenTherm. The boiler itself also comes with an Outdoor Temperature Sensor, so I was unsure if both needs to be connected (The install manual suggests that the Operating Mode...
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    Vitodens 050-w Opentherm

    Many Thanks for your reply. Really Appreciated. I see now where the Terminals referenced at "C" 1 and 2 would correspond with Nest OT1 and OT2.
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    Vitodens 050-w Opentherm

    Hi Forum, Looking to clarify if the Viessmann Vitodens 050-w supports Opentherm? I downloaded a datasheet from the website but couldn't see any direct reference to it being supported. I would be looking to pair it with a Nest Thermostat. Many Thanks. Mark.
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    Retrofitting a Central Heating Filter

    Hi Forum, I've had a Worcester-Bosch 35CDi fitted in 2005, annual serviced and been working fine, with one breakdown recently, when the fan/pump was replaced. Since it was installed no-one has mentioned having a filter fitted, not even the WB engineers doing the annual servicing. I was...
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    Damp Advice (concrete floor)

    Hi Forum, My lounge floor has a serious damp problem which has been diagnosed as the concrete slab. As you see from the photo the damp permeates the immediate area, has affected the plaster on the chimney (plaster in contact with floor) as well as adjacent alcove walls. Two questions: 1)...
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    Preparing wall (Polyfiller / base coat)

    Ok. Thanks for the feedback. I'll focus on getting the main bits done and leave this till last. Just wondering if there are any off-the-shelf solutions for basic/ simple home skimming?
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    Preparing wall (Polyfiller / base coat)

    Hi Forum, I'm removing old lining paper as I want to repaint bedroom straight onto walls. On the whole the walls are not in bad shape, there are the usual hairline cracks and also some areas where a thin skim coat has been applied on the corner of the bay window. If I were to paint the edges...
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    Damp around Chimney Breast

    Hi Forum, Since my previous post I've pulled away the carpet and underlay from the front part of the lounge to be inspected by a Damp Specialist. (Not sure how long the damp on the gorund has been there, but the damp on the walls has been there for several years). I wanted to get some advice...
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    Damp at skirting level (moved from General)

    Thanks for the replies. One wall is a joining the hallway another is external (near the patio door) and the other wall is ajoining next door neighbour (No cavity insulation). As its not all over perhaps it's just where some minor breaching has occurred. The house is starting to feel a bit...
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    Damp at skirting level (moved from General)

    I'm having my lounge redecorated (last done 8/9 years ago). For as long as I can remember there's been some traces of damp pattern near skirting boards, but nothing more problematic than that. My decorator has recommended to have it investigated and fixed - he attaches a higher importance to it...
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    Replacement Radiator (stelrad)

    Hi Forum, I'm replacing a Stelrad compact radiator and was looking at getting the same. A friend suggested to go for a Screwfix Kudox Premium. These seem a bit cheaper and was wondering if there's much difference? Thanks Regards Mark
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    Huawei ascend y330 mobile

    Andrioid should allow you to disable data (via settings). You would know if you are using data as there are usually some icons in the top display (near signal indicator / battery indicator).
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    Can I remove incoming phone box while decorating?

    Hi Forum, I'm currently stripping back to start decorating the hall-way, but the incoming BT line is mounted on the wooden framed door. The intention is to burn off old paint and paint. But to do this I'd need to remove the box rather than work-around it. From the picture you can see...
  14. Incoming BT Line

    Incoming BT Line

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    Wireless/WiFi/Smartphone Integrated Home Security

    Hi, I would love to say it's plug and play, the core features are. But getting the email notifications working was a bit of a pain as I had to hunt down the email server settings but it's not the fault of the device. Good luck!
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    C&K Securitech - Alarm Panel Location

    Hi, Thanks for the various feedback. I've contacted one supplier in Leicestershire and mentioned the following: - Underfloor placement might have been the preferred option at the time. - As a rough guide (without an inspection) it may cost between £150/£200 to move the panel and...
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    C&K Securitech - Alarm Panel Location

    @sparkymarka Not sure about numpty, definitely muppet. Thanks for the replies. I'll look for some local installers to get prices.
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    C&K Securitech - Alarm Panel Location

    Hi, I've lived in the house for nearly 10 years, the alarm system has been working fine, apart from a battery replacement when the house was rewired about 8 years ago. (Keypad, 3 sensors and front/back alarm box) - so not a big installation. No idea when it was installed or which model it...
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    Wireless/WiFi/Smartphone Integrated Home Security

    I purchased an IP wireless camera from Amazon. D-link 5222L as it has PTZ is high resolution and has an app to live stream (also links to It's been reliable and records video to SD card and sends to an email address. It's worth considering if you want some visual capability.