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    Bosch dishwasher sgs43a22gb/01 not draining

    Hi My Bosch dishwasher has been running fine for years but this morning when I opened it it hadn't drained and the bottom was full of water. Please give advice. Thanks
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    Simple garden edging and weed control membrane

    i'm new to the whole garden diy and want to tidy up my garden a bit. My garden has a large trampoline for the kids and i want to lay a weed control membrane under it and then border it with a simple timber edging. I was just wonder how deep i need to place the edging, do i go down...
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  4. edging


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    Cracked render between bay window and house fascia board

    Please could somebody tell me how to fix this, see the render pictures. The the render between the fascia board and the bay window has cracked leaving a slight gap between the two. I've been advised to clean it out then fill with builders caulk and the use a sealant seal the gap. Is this...
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    Cracked render
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    Britony 80 Combi - Chaffoteaux & Maury

    I turned the boiler on tonight and ran it for a while and the same thing happened. the pressure guage dropped down to about 0.6 bar whilst it was doing this and when the heating stopped the pumped continued to run and the pressure stayed at 0.6.
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    Britony 80 Combi - Chaffoteaux & Maury

    Hi Recently my boiler had a pretty bad leak and I had it repaired (3 way valve replaced, I think!!!). As the weather has started to get colder I dececided to run the CH just to check it. The boiler runs fine and seems to heat up most of the house rads but I have noticed that once the heat...
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    Leaking shower Drain

    Hi This morning I discovered a leak below my shower and I think it is due to the shower drain becoming loose. I unscrewed it to see what the problem could be (see attached picture). There is large rubber gasket underneath the drain flange. The gasket seems to be in good condition. There...
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  16. shower leak

    shower leak

    drain gasket
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    Britony 80/100 Boiler switches itself on

    Yes it does. I switched the boiler off over night as i wasn't sure what the problem was and when I turned it back on this morning it seemed to be running again even though the water wasn't on or the CH. I had a shower and after that if stop running and was working as normal, so it seems...
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    Britony 80/100 Boiler switches itself on

    I have a Britony 80/100 Chaffoteaux & Maury combi boiler and last night it switched on the central heating even though it was only set to hot water. Then today the hot water ignited even though i wasn't running the hot water. The water has also got extremely hot. What could be the problem...
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    Leaking boiler after pressuring what have I done?

    Tried to bleed the rad in one of the bedrooms because it's not working and tried to put a bit more pressure in the system now water leaking from the boiler. Pressure is now dropping quickly. Need to bath kids is it ok to switch on?