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    replacing a downlighter with other

    Saved me some time and effort, ta.
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    replacing a downlighter with other

    I have an old down lighter above my oven, it's abit old fashioned and takes a screw bulb. I want to replace it because as it's the old type ones (1980 something) it looks naff, and has holes in the top unit for heat to escape, I don't like the steam from cooking going up through the light...
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    Installed Insulation in loft, appropriate gaps for wiring

    The black on the insulation? Probably just dirt, as various insects or dust is blown up through the vents at the eaves. But check to see if the plasterboard underneath has a vapour control layer (Plastic sheet) or is foil backed, if not then maybe to much moisture is getting through and it...
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    black mould on wall behind wardrobe, advice please

    As per mointainwalker. However it's a little odd to be getting mould in such an area, if you are not getting it elsewhere (I assume as you don't mention it). To get cold bridging from a unheated hallway, but not on external walls is a bit odd, make sure there is no source of damp, leaky...
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    Ceiling condensation in bedroom

    Download google sketchup (really easy to use, that image took less than a minute). Then just screen print and crop.
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    Ceiling condensation in bedroom

    As woody says, likely cold bridging, I assume that purple wall is external. Haul yourself into the loft, and see if there is insulation missing there, or if it coincides with a joist/rafter (the stud "could" act as a cold bridge, but more likely there is a gap between the joist and the...
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    Stuck! What vapour control layer to use in an old house.

    :lol: How could you suggest such a thing! The idea of these membranes when they were developed, was that when condensation formed behind the inside membrane, they would intelligently open their cells up, to allow it to permeate back into the room. The obvious flaw being, that if you do...
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    Wall and roof insulation - Pre-work guidance sought

    You absolutely do need a VCL with foil backed insulation between the studs. I have seen tests where without a VCL, the gaps between the insulation and studs* act as cold bridges, and condensation occurs, though in fairness it is a low amount, it's still not worth it for the cost of a plastic...
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    Lofty whole home ventilation system - any good?

    In most old houses with double glazing you get cold bridging around the brick surround to the window (the bricks surrounding the window, not the window frame itself), in most cases this is just due to poor installation, particularly in older houses. This is because you have the inner and outer...
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    Lofty whole home ventilation system - any good?

    You will get condensation on and around your windows due to cold bridging, most double glazed windows are not that good, and in older properties you are prone to cold bridging the brickwork around the window. If you have a 1930s house with cavity wall insulation, I would assume this is post...
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    Cold tap stopped working

    My cold tap to the bath has stopped working, it is also very stiff and rotates about 1 turn rather than several. The cold tap in the sink next to it works fine. I had a plumber in, but he said that the taps should be replaced as they are old (6 years approx), and because of the way they...
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    Shiplap Cladding Leaking badly

    Ideally the buildup should have been... cladding battens membrane studs = with insulation internal cladding Cladding nearly always leaks, either through butt joints, capalirary action or at corner details. Now your probably going to get someone saying "ah yes, but they build boats...
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    Shiplap Cladding Leaking badly

    No cavity, no membrane, pretty much what i would expect to happen. You can lather on sealants and mastics to all the joints, particularly the corners, it may work, but will need ongoing maintenence. Where possible a timber coverplate with drainage grooves will work better than mastic.
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    Timber Framed Garage Advice

    As said, for a garage it won't really matter. But if you use foil coated insulation between the studs, the vapour barrier becomes more not less important, as vapour cannot pass throught the insulation, it will pass between the studs, and specificly gaps between the studs and insulation (you...
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    building a garden gate to prevent flooding

    I assume these floods only last half an hour or so before the water drains away, there are roads near me with similar issues. A woden gate should be able to withstand that. make it from 75-100mm wide T&G boards, make sure the boards have toungs 8mm long, you will probablyy want >22mm thick...
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    How to treat white oak

    Yes, check with the door manufacturer and follow their instructions to the letter. Otherwise if something goes wrong with the door, they nearly all just automaticly blame the finish or lack of, regardless of the true cause.
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    Fitting external cladding

    I don't think you can put stainless steel nails, and cheap in the same sentance, without the word "not".
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    Fitting external cladding

    Stainless steel nails, dont consider galvanized. Is it shiplap, or is it T&G? You can't secret nail shiplap, think about it. The boards overlap each other, they do not lock into each other, so the fixing needs to be near the overlap to provide restraint You need to put 1x fixing 1/4...