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    Eurolock issue

    I have a eurolock on an external multi lock door (conservatory). Recently it locks with the key only slightly turned (meaning you can't remove the key). I actually tried a new lock in the door and still had the same issue, it is like it is sticking when turning? Can anyone suggest what the...
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    Double switch wiring help

    Thanks to both. I have it working based on the 2 on LHS as COM and the other 2 on L1. Bridge between the 2 COMs Moved onto the next one in the circuit which has the same scenario. Thought it would be easy..... However, having wired as below. i.e. 2 reds from one side in COM and 2 in...
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    Double switch wiring help

    Hi I am replacing light switches in my house. Most have been straight forward but i am having a problem with one. It is to work 2 lights in the downstairs toilet. Attached are some pics - There are 2 main cables and in previous switch only the 4 reds were used along with a jumper. My...
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