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    Closing floor cavity - urgent!

    You may want to rethink what you are doing, you need a sill to stop water ingress you also need to fit doors and windows as part of the thermal envelope, you will have thermal bridging. Finishing around the door will also had with no reveal on the outside as will look rubbish. It would be better...
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    Does an RSJ always need padstones?

    No, padstones are only needed if the supporting material has not enough compressive strength and or needs to spread the weight.
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    Warm Flat Roof - Vapor Barrier

    You can get self adhesive self healing vcl but it's expensive, a plastic sheet will if you are using pir then a DPM is fine. If you are using eps or fiber batts you want a high performance VLC...
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    Windpost late addition

    Single or 2 story? Sounds fine to me without windposts. I've seen many an extension without them and with 750 returns. Not sure what's been speced but £750 seems high. You will kick yourself if you have piers and wish you just spent the extra.
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    Solder onto warrix flange

    Can I solder straight onto the warrix flange or do I need to use compression joints?
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    Connecting 32mm to 15mm water meter

    Thanks everyone, I think it's worth a go since they will connect for free and then if there is not a flow get them back. It's on a mainish road so they'd need ttm if they mess with their side.
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    Connecting 32mm to 15mm water meter

    The water board is telling me I can connect up to 32mm pipe to their 15mm water meter and it should not reduce the flow. But this does not sound correct to me. Is this correct or do I need them to fit a larger bore meter? Currently the property has a cast iron feed on the property side and...
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    New flooring. DPC?

    How thick is your screed?
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    Semi dry concrete mix for footings?

    Did you get it cheaper? Mini mix will easy come out for 1.75m³ so would volumetric. 1.75m³ is about 4 tonne did it come on a 3.5 tonne lorry or 10 tonne? Just all seems a bit odd. But if it was from a reputable company and you've got your ticket then I am sure it'll be fine...
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    Copper strips in wall

    I thought it was recommended for cob as well at one point. Never seen it on brick.
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    Garden Room - Structural Design Advice

    If you where to take the windows out I bet you'd not have any more studs or even different spacing. Pack your windows glass well will help with racking. I can't see a problem with what you are doing unless you live in an exposed location where wind uplift might be a problem.
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    Instant hot water taps in a renovation

    EPC will tell you the rough running costs before he did anywork.
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    Building a chicken coop into existing outbuilding

    You don't want them inside, they are messy. My chickens do fine in the winter don't need insulation, they just huddle together and grow more feathers. I don't know get any eggs in the winter though.....
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    Quote for roof with lantern/upstand ok or expensive

    You can't trim out a 4m stretch with double joists at 4m length. Checkatrade is weighted towards the trade, they can buy good reviews and hide bad reviews. This is not to say he's talking bs just take the rating as a pinch of salt. Maybe the 8k included the lantern? As I'd expect maybe 4-6k...
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    Instant hot water taps in a renovation

    Is there a question or something you want to debate? It's good that what you've speced has worked. In the UK we need more people to insulate to a much higher level than regs. Electric heating is one of the best ways to use renewable energy as long as your provider is honest. However many people...
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    Building garden gates, motice and tenon.

    Modern glues are quite good, screws will do little. For the best result you should have pegged or used wedged joints however it's too late for this.
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    Insulation in between Joist for Underfloor heating

    Have you got spreader plates for your pipes? If so wool is fine.
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    Structure question.

    Yes, at the very least it's let water under the render. Best do a search on cracks and how to plug them. It might also be movement due to the newer upvc windows and not enough support. Have a search for bay window cracks on here.
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    Help with ground level/dpc/dpm

    Set your dpc higher on the external skin on that side then cavity tray on the internal skin above your external dpc. I'd like to know about those drains though.
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    Screed, reinforcing and underfloor heating

    You can just take you ufh pipes down the middle of the 2 wires, makes very little difference when you are laying it if you are following a wire or in between.