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    Adding a radiator

    I had a new 2-pipe central heating system fitted as part of a recent house renovation complete with unvented hot water cylinder(downstairs) and new system bolier. I now want to put a small rad in a large downstairs cupboard to create an airing cupboard. I intend to tap into the 15mm pipework...
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    Grohtherm 1000 shower valve low flow

    Nope...still the same. Ive taken all of the restrictors/regulator/aerators out of the system and the flow rate is exactly the same at 9 l/min. Its the same for both valves too. Ive run out of ideas now and Grohe Customer Services are very slow to get back to me as well. Can anyone recommend...
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    Grohtherm 1000 shower valve low flow

    The flow limiter can be bypassed by pressing the button on the flow knob and id tried that before. Perhaps the answer lies in the flow restrictors as there are 3 of them. The first restriction is at the fibre washers at the joint with the pipework. They have a fine guaze/mesh covering the...
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    Boiler replacement under scrappage scheme

    Thanks so far chaps...the scheme only started in Wales a few days ago - April 6th - and hes applied for a voucher so fingers crossed. Im essentially trying to find out if there is a condensing boiler of any description he could fit which would work reasonably well off the single pipe system...
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    Boiler replacement under scrappage scheme

    My father's looking into replacing his G-Rated boiler under the scrappage scheme but is worried about costs. The current system comprises an open vented boiler downstairs in the middle of the late 50s house which exhausts into a single-walled metal flue in the central chimney. There are air...
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    Grohtherm 1000 shower valve low flow

    I am puzzled over the weak performance of my grohtherm 1000 shower. When all connected up I am only getting a maximum of 9 litres per minute through the showerhead at normal showering temperature, even when I bypass the economy button. However when i remove the valve and measure the flow from...
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    Deck Mounted Tap Levers

    Im installing a 4 hole deck mounted tap system and have put the tap with the red sticker on its base on the left hand side as per convention. However, the tap levers will only turn forwards if i point them inwards towards the spout. (Picture 1). All the brochures showing this type of tap show...
  11. Picture 1 - lever inwards

    Picture 1 - lever inwards

  12. Picture 2 - levers outwards

    Picture 2 - levers outwards

  13. bath filler

    bath filler

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    Shower valve fitting

    Great stuff...just what i need. Quite pricey mind at between 25 and 40 quid.....but better than trying to get the tile off....and no chance of hidden leaks either. Thanks for your help.
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    Shower valve fitting

    Can anyone advise me how best to fit this Grohe Grohtherm 1000 exposed shower valve to these pipes? The fitting instructions omitted to tell me that I need female connectors fitted beneath the tiled surface to accept the s-unions that come with the valve. Ive found out now obviously but Ive...
  18. grohe valve

    grohe valve

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    Unvented cylinder in kitchen cupboard

    Thanks Simon...Smartline SLE 210 cylinder looks a clever piece of kit...cant find any prices or suppliers for it tho? Most of the pipework comes out of the top too which could help with fitting it in a shallow cupboard. Its still 1435mm tall tho so the boiler would have to be mounted at a min...