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    Slow going - my double storey extension build

    Wow that is impressive. Have you got a floor plan showing the previous and new current layout. Looks excellent and even at 88k with prices being stupid that is really good. You should be proud of yourself. You should get a valuation done. Be interesting to see how it has changed over 10 years. I...
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    Advice on a double story side and rear extension

    I did think that but i think they look ugly on a double story. not so bad on a single story plus i dont think the council will look at it favorably.
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    Advice on a double story side and rear extension

    Can i ask. What wood have you used for the cladding.
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    Advice on a double story side and rear extension

    Yeh i am currently going through a house sale so will know more in a few months but i am hoping the angle will give me full length of the house. Yours looks quite shall compared to my one.
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    Advice on a double story side and rear extension

    Does that look like the best option then. I tried looking in my local area but haven't seen anyone do anything similiar. Most have done the side double story but not a rear on to it.
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    Advice on a double story side and rear extension

    I am thinking maybe something like this. Is there a better way to do this?
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    Advice on a double story side and rear extension

    I have done a few checks and i can get away with extending the full width of the side of the house and still get the desired slope. But just can't fathom how i would do a double on the back. i dont want to extend on the back of the original roof as that end is the main bedroom so want to extend...
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    Advice on a double story side and rear extension

    Hello, I am wanting to do a double story side extension above the garage which will have a gable end on the side but i also want to do a double story rear extension on the back of that and a bit on the back of the original house but i can't seem to come up with a good way to do the roof. Any...
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    fire escape route on 2 storey house

    Hello, With open plan living on the rise a friend of mine has a 3 bed semi. You walk into the front door and you are presented with a hallway with stairs leading up and a door to the living room and door to the kitchen. They want to remove the wall seperating the hallway and living room so...
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    Will his objection be reasonable? ... and ... is this proposal likely to be accepted?

    Have you looked at the council website to see how others have gotten on with front extensions. Sometimes i find that handy. Autocad is pretty much standard what most use. I use autodesk revit which is 3d. You can probably download a trial version of the software. But i would put a bit of...
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    Neighbours extension over allowed eaves height .

    guess there right in a way. For anyone wanting to extend its good knowing that there is a possibility of a 6m extension.
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    Neighbours extension over allowed eaves height .

    They have permission as they went through prior approval. Maybe your aunt missed the letter but they are authorised to do the works. The height would be governed by THEIR land... not yours. As unfortunate as it might be there is nothing that can be done. Unless you can measure the height from...
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    Shanty being built next to my property without planning permission? (with photos)

    So because English isn't their first language you automatically have suspicions.....
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    No prior approval, what are the risks?

    Why not just apply for prior approval and delay the build. its typically 6 weeks wait and reduces your risk and stress down for the sake of a little wait. Plus how sure are you that you are following the PD rules.
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    Party wall disagreement

    All it means is that it will cost you some money for the party wall award but at the end of the day they cannot stop you from doing the work. I am going through this same thing at the moment.
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    Opening Skylight Impact Neighbours

    The motors not going to be constantly going off. Is it really that noisy? So your allowed to open your window but you don't want them to open theirs?? on paper if its a flat then they need permission but if it wasn't a flat then provided the skylight falls under permitted development then...
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    Rather than ask your architect i would ask your structural engineer as he will know more about that then the architect. Generally 7.3 is good for double story. He probably specified dense as there wasnt a need for the extra thermal properties. lightweight provides i.e the dense worked with...
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    Door for loft conversion room

    If you have a door at the top, then you dont need one at the bottom. If you have one at the bottom then you don't need one at the top. you need to ensure when the doors open that it has the relevant clearances.
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    Building regs on timberwork for roof windows

    No i do not work for them. Was simply answering a question from the OP. Regs are across the country. Not per local authority. Best thing is to have structural calculations as that will provide building control the proof that whatever you are doing works structurally.