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    Does this roof need additional support

    Hi All, I am thinking about removing the aging porch on the front of my house and wondered if the mono pitched roof above it is likely to need some additional supports? Thanks in advance.
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    Removing a pull cord

    Hi All, I'm after some help in removing a pull cord in a bedroom. There is also a light switch, which is staying. I have disconnected the pull cord and, I guess, unsurprisingly the light switch now doesn't work. Unfortunately I didn't make a note of where the wires terminated in the pull cord...
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    Should I knock it all off...?

    Hi guys, You all know how a small job turns into a big one. I started out wanting to re-wallpaper a bedroom, and, well, here I am in the plastering forum. After stripping the wallpaper I noticed a few big cracks in the plaster. The house was built in the 60s and I've noticed various spots in...
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    Temporary gravel drive

    Hi. I've recently moved into a new property and I need to make the existing drive a little wider so I can fit two cars on it. This will be very temporary (between 2 and 4 months) as we are already booked in to completely have the driveway redone. At the moment the front garden has grass for...
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    Raspberry Pi cctv install

    Thanks for the replies so far. A friend suggested that I may be able to utilise an existing (redundant) cat5e cable to power these devices by splicing the pairs with the appropriate power supplies at the other end. So that would be a 1A 12V for the IR illuminator and a 1A 5V for the raspberry...
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    Raspberry Pi cctv install

    I thought it would be easier with a small hole. Maybe I'll go for a bigger one then, it would save some hassle I suppose. Would those cables be OK outside or would they need some sort of protection? Also, when drilling through an exterior wall should I be using a small pilot hole to prevent...
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    Raspberry Pi cctv install

    Hi everybody, After having tried a couple of different IP cameras and being thoroughly unimpressed with the software, I've decided to try my hand at using a raspberry pi mounted inside a dummy CCTV case, with a separate IR illuminator. My question is around the power requirements and...