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    Expansion vessel full of water

    Thanks. Always like confirmation. Cheers. That was very fast.
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    Expansion vessel full of water

    My heating system has had a slow leak over a number of years requiring a water top up about once a month. I've finally located the leak, necessitating the floors to be lifted. I've now fixed the leak, but noticed that the pressure was still slowly dropping. I also noticed that there was a...
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    Zanussi Aquacycle 1050 spin not working

    Hi Amb: I appear to have the exact same problem. Look up Zanussi 1050 washer posted yesterday. It appears to be a timer problem. However, make sure you check the brushes and pressure sensors first. Those appear to be the best places to start. How old is yours? Mine is about 7 years old...
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    Zanussi 1050

    Hi. My Zanussi 1050 washer is having troubles with the spin cycles (not working). Machine will fill and drain. Drum will not rotate during wash cycle. Drum will rotate a few times prior to spin cycle (distribution), but will not spin. Checked the brushes, they're fine; checked the pressure...