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    Permitted development rights - change of use

    Hi, I'm not sure if anyone can help. We have a 4 acre plot which is all residential but literally 100 feet outside the village boundary. Our house is on one side of the plot with the garden all on the other side and then another residential house next door, i.e. if we were in the village...
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    Hot Water issue

    One other note, not sure if this will help. When the shower is first turned on its is really quite hot, even when set to 6 out of 15. But after around a min it cools off and you tend to turn it up another notch or two. I was wondering if maybe the thermostat on the shower mixer if faulty and...
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    Hot Water issue

    Picasso - just checked the boiler and there are no numbers on the stat but I would say it's around a third up from minimum. Do you think I should turn it up ? Michael5041 - we have two very large water cold water tanks in the loft linked in series. I have never seem them drop more than about...
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    Hot Water issue

    Hi, we have a Gas open vented heating system with a large copper insulated hot water tank. The tank is 450 x 1500mm , think around 200 litres and around 15 years old. Although we have an immersion heater fitted it is not wired up so the water is only heated via the gas boiler. The problem we...
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    replaced Conservatory roof with solid roof, how to insulate

    Hi, We have replaced our old polycarbonate conservatory roof with a new solid tiled roof. We now have to finish the interior and install the ceiling plasterboard but first need to insulate. I want to just use normal loft insulation rolls but I'm not sure how to install it as I presume...
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    Top hung draughty window

    Hi, we have a top hung upvc window that is draughty due to having small gap between the opening frame and rubber seals. Is there a way to adjust the opener so it seals properly. Thanks in advance.
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    uPVC windows opener not square and draughty

    Hi, we have two uPVC windows that are split into 6 panels 2/3rd bottom with 1/3 top. The 2 centre panels are openers both at the bottom and top section. The larger bottom centre panel is clearly out of square and at the top opposite the hinge has a clear gap to which we can see daylight and...