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    Replacing Danfoss RX-1 with Honeywell BDR91 to Worcester Bosch Greenstar

    Hi, Did you get Honeywell evohome up and working with your Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler? I am looking at doing something similar but I am reading that they might not be compatible and that Opentherm wouldn't work. Any guidance is much appreciated! Cheers, Tony
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    Recommendations for New system boiler in a new house with Evohome

    Hi p_s_b, How did you get on with your build? We are just embarking on exactly the same type of build as you and live in Putney so just down the road (kind of!). I also want to use opentherm and Honeywell evohome, and plan to have wet UFH on the ground floor, radiators on the first floor and...