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    Surplus 10mm of 100mm celotex

    The correct answer if to pack out with some 9mm ply strips as you've already realised. A bodge won't work.
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    Fixing through dot and daub plaster

    Curtain rails and the odd fixing do often get the 3" screw treatment, with a single plug knocked in deep together with a good squidge of gripfill to fill any cavity to prevent long term plasterboard collapse and sagging curtain rails. Rigifix are the dogs *******s for kitchen cupboards and...
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    Extension Build Thread

    If you consider that the apex roof will divide the load to two line loads on the side walls and two point loads above the bifold doors and below your existing first floor windows, you will find that the loads upon your bifold door lintel and rear knock through steelwork are actually pretty...
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    Yellow MDPE??

    A 25m reel of 25mm blue MDPE is £15.72 from toolstation, why confuse anyone in the future for such little cost. However as a fun fact the specs say yellow mdpe is rated to 5.5 bar at 20 degrees C for natural gas, whilst blue mdpe is rated at 11 bar. Mains supply is normally somewhere between 1...
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    Concrete Block (Laying)

    It'll be 100 mm bond to eliminate a whole load of cuts on 2 opposite corners - its lazy, but its not going to fall down if the mortar is reasonably strong. Overall the 25 - 30 mm mortar joint on the top inside row plus random bond and mismatching blocks says quick, lax and not caring about the...
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    Cloakroom tiling

    You certainly won't be getting enough water to use wedi board. The only place i'd consider concrete board rather than plasterboard is behind the sink and for the toilet wall more for fixings rather than moisture. But again you shouldn't be subjecting the tiles and wall to any prolonged wetting...
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    Flush Mirror on Tiled Wall

    Silicon would be best as the timber behind your mirror and the mirror will expand and contract differently to the tiles and chrome edging. I would have gone with more a 5-6 mm gap personally to allow a bit more movement, but all you can do is to give it a whirl. The old masking tape, rounded...
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    Erecting a 6ft FE fence - positioning of rails Or google "arris rail spacing" Every manufacturer has a slightly different spacing on there recessed concrete posts, but 200 from the top on centre, and 600, 600 on centre works well with a gravel...
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    Narrowing exterior back door?

    You really need to give a bit more information regarding the exterior as this can't be hidden like the interior behind a bit of plaster. Brickwork or render? Can you still get matching bricks Hidden steel lintel or header bricks Is the existing frame inset behind the outside skin or are both...
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    Garage Roof replacement.

    I would never over roof fibre cement as it makes getting a fixing far harder and makes access more difficult, plus its a bodge. Strip it off and fit profiled steel sheeting and fix through the crowns rather than pans if you have such a low pitch to help mitigate those water pooling issues. If...
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    Is this a supporting wall?

    You also need to check that the wall between bedroom 3 and 1 and subsequently the ceiling in the bedrooms or your roof isn't supported by the hall wall you intend to remove. Its possible that this hall wall adds sufficient bearing to the joists to resist this bedroom wall load whether that is...
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    Covering window cavities, how and does an inspector need to see?

    I've just ripped down a conservatory i built 10 years ago with cavity closers around all openings. They were the last thing holding the walls together after the digger took a bite. (i personally wish i did a poorer job as is took 3 skips to clear) The plastic strips slip into the 3-5 mm gap...
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    Cracking plaster on the inside of external wall

    You currently have pretty minor cracking that could be as a result of a change in loading from a previous occupant (loft, bedroom, footfall) through to changing curtains or equally nothing. All houses move and this may be historic, but hasn't been noticed. I personally would monitor the...
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    Sticking scrim tape, especially corners

    Self adhesive scrim works best on plasterboard that is free of adhesive. Add PVA or apply on a dusty background and it will often move somewhat. I tend to use an orange or extra sticky scrim (Selco) as the clear stuff isn't the best. The moisture from PVA'ing really does prevent scrim...
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    Window Quotation and Order Problems

    A bay window is formed from three individual windows with additional bay poles and a welded cill, so £200 per window would come out at £600 for a bay at a minimum, which is more realistic. Glass for a larger bay with my trade discount would be over £100 alone. £200 for a large individual window...