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    heat line capriz 28

    Make sure the condensate discharge pipe is not blocked, also make sure the discharge pipe has a continious fall going away from the boiler, including the flexible pipe below it. Some of the earlier capriz boilers needed a modification to be fitted to the condensate trap. If the discharge pipe is...
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    Also make sure the contacts to the switch are not shorting due to moisture or condensation within the boiler.
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    I think you have to change the DHW flow switch when changing the pcb on these, something to do with the old style switch not being compatable with the new board. Give Ariston a call tomorrow to confirm if nobody else can on this forum. Tel 01494 755600
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    Biasi boiler

    yes you can get the gland nuts you require seperatly. Which model of Biasi is it?
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    Halstead Ace problems

    get a registered gas engineer to check the flue, hoses from the fan to the air pressure switch and the aps.
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    The burner pressure is higher on HW demand as appossed to CH demand, so if there as a scale or sludge problem the boiler will kettle quicker.
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    biasi m90e 24s

    check for reversed polarity, also rectification probe and lead to pcb having continuity if all ok then youll find its the ignition board.
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    heat line capriz condense boiler

    Sounds like a blocked plate heat exchanger for the hot water problem, if the boiler is continually cycling on/off when the hot water tap is running. Rads not getting hot could be trv's playing up on the rads , system needs balancing or sludge in the system causing circulation problems.
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    Glowworm Betacom 30 c heating issues

    Are you sure he didnt say the actuator motor?
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    heat line capriz condense boiler

    Does the boiler fire up when there is a demand for hot water only? whilst the hot tap is open does the burner cycle on/off? and do the other radiators get hot apart from the two that don't?
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    Halstead Ace DHW heat exchanger needs cleaning

    Gassafeman, the condensing ones have a filter in the plate to plate, and your right a pain to remove the filter sometimes, the non condensing ones didnt have the filter in the plate.
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    Glowworm Betacom 30 c heating issues

    does the burner light up or are you just hearing the pump and the fan running? if the burner lights up then how long does it stay on for, and does the ch flow pipe start to get hot if the burners on?
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    Glowworm Betacom 30 c heating issues

    does the boiler fire up when there is a call for heating?
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    Biasi Combi boiler will not ignite

    most likely to be the ignition board, provided the fan venturi and the aps have been checked, you will need a RGI to do these checks.
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    decking advice

    Thermo thank you for your advice and a quick reply.
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    decking advice

    should decking be laid level or with a slight fall even if it's away from any structures ?
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    out-building plastering question

    Thanks for the advice Trowelmonkey1, its greatly appreciated.
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    out-building plastering question

    Thank you for advice and replies Trowelmonkey1 and Richard C. TM1 for a scratch coat 4:1 mix ok with waterproofer and a 5:1 for top coat, and is it best to pva the breeze blocks before the scratch coat and also before the final multi finish coat. Also would each render coat of 6-8mm be ok...
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    out-building plastering question

    Hi, I have a question to the experts on this forum. I have an out-building which has been built of concrete blocks externally and celcon/ breeze blocks internaly. What I would like to know is, it best to render the internal blocks as the external blocks are only pointed or should the internal...
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    If they were Biasi appointed service agents then may be the op can tell us ther names.