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    Expectations of skimming job (pics inside)

    Hi, just got back on this forum after a few years away and will ask another plastering question in a separate thread. I am not a pro but do a lot of my own plastering on mine and families houses and that is a very poor job. I do far better than that. Like said before, it looks like mostly one...
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    Advice on external render beading

    Thanks for the replies guys. Both giving useful advice. I think maybe with what I have a combination of uPVC cladding on the shallower returns and using the aris stick method would work well. i had not considered either.
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    Advice on external render beading

    Hi, I have had some building work done which involved moving my back door and putting a window where the door was. The house is rendered with a smooth finish and the openings were cleanly made with a disk cutter. What I would like to know is what sort of render bead you would recommend...
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    Erbauer 1/2" router.

    I bought one of these about 2 years ago (probably off the same bloke). Have done my worktops, my sisters and both brothers plus 2 mates. No problems, perfect fit. I also have their biscuit joiner which works well also.
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    Easing an Oak Floor

    Thanks for the advice. Interesting to know that there are tools out there. I don't even have to look up the price to know it will be dear being festool. As for getting the people back, this was one of those 'favours' in the family if you know what I mean. I should be able to sort myself but...
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    Easing an Oak Floor

    I had an oak floating floor laid in my (large) lounge last summer. During this recent damp weather it has expanded more than the expansion gap allowed for under the skirting. I did query the amount of expansion at the time but was told it would be enough :roll: This has caused it to lift...
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    the best make of washing machine to go for

    Agree Miele. My brother is a repair guy for domestic and commercial washing machines and dryers. He really rates their build quality. Also he reckons the worst he regularly comes across for reliability are Dyson.
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    mayonnaise in my engine?

    Normally this stuff is an emulsion of oil mixed with water. Can be caused by a number of things including condensation but if there is a lot then this is unlikely. If not condensation then suspect a leaking head gasket, warped head, cracked head or block etc. Won't necessarily lead to...
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    If you have a program that runs under DOS or the XP command console, being able to 'open it' and alter the way the program works depends on what exactly this thing is. Some things like batch files can be edited as they are text files. If your program is an EXE file then you will not be able to...
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    Plastering Course - Fred Flinstone

    Hi - I did the 2 day course in Bedford and it was very good. I have since skimmed 4 ceilings, my brothers cellar which was dry lined, a kitchen ceiling for my sister and some backing and walls in my kitchen. I've been very pleased with the results. I also bought off ebay some Goldtrowel DVDs...
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    Opinions please on new tool idea (college project)

    Liam - Interesting project. I work on product design in my day job. I also work with people who design in titanium sometimes. Firstly, your question is market research really. You are seeing whether the potential customers i.e. the people on this site would use your product. Also practically...
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    Anti-roll bar mounting and MOT failure

    Sounds expensive to me. It sounds like maybe the bracket has come loose. Maybe needs welding back on. I've just had both anti roll bar bushes and drop links replaced on a Chrysler Voyager for £270 incl. parts at a main dealer.
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    Descaling a Glow worm Heat exchanger

    Thanks for the advice guys. I've run the X800 for a couple of days and the system is now pretty quiet. It's done this before though. I've drained the system and will refill in a couple of days (I'm away for a few days on business). I fully expect the banging to return on refilling but...
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    Descaling a Glow worm Heat exchanger

    Having put up with a noisy heating system for most of the winter so far, I have finally concluded that the problem is a scaled up Heat exchanger on my Glow worm Ultimate 120FF. There is currently some X800 (Ferroquest) circulating. I have two questions - How long can I leave this in the system...
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    CH system leaking under floor

    bab - That's exactly what I intend to do this weekend. A couple of 28mm valves. The difficult bit is that the pipes are tight against a wall and hard to get to without removing the pump etc. I was planning on cutting out a section and then using tees to stand the valvle off from the wall as...
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    CH system leaking under floor

    Tony, Thanks for the reply. I thought the same regarding the pumping efficiency with particles in the impellor. Rather than detect the leak in the floor which I think would be very difficult as I don't even know where they run, I would rather replace the whole of the piping for the ground floor...
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    CH system leaking under floor

    Apologies for not continuing the old thread, I will in the future. The old pump had scale in the plastic impeller channels which I thought may hinder operation but this doesn't amount to a great deal so I discounted it as a minor thing. A blockage gives the impression that there was a...
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    CH system leaking under floor

    Hi, I posted an earler thread here related to a problem with my CH system and followed the advice. However, I think the problem is a little more serious and I would like the opinion of some of the regulars on here before I go chopping the system around. Original issue was (and still is)...
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    Gloworm Ultimate 120 FF kettling

    Thanks ChrisR. The backfilling is also on the list. My father suggested this as well, this has worked for him once on a large system he has on some flats. The pump is a brand new 6m one. I took the old one off and the impeller was blocked by some scale. I think the pump was OK apart from this...
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    Gloworm Ultimate 120 FF kettling

    Sorry post must not have been clear. The X800 circulated for around 3 hours. The flush through with water only was 1hr. Unfortunately my woes are not over. I left the system on Xmas Eve looking pretty good after a 2am finish. I was away over Xmas and although the system was still working when I...