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    How would you describe what repair work is need as per the attached photos please. Am I right in saying it is pointing that is required?
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    LightSys2: Installation and Programming Issue

    Unless you are fully conversant with that system I'd run a mile from it :LOL: I always hated Risco. Good quality kit but not for the casual user imo. Maybe the doors are not programmed for the correct area?
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    Bell box service?

    I presume the engineer was suggesting that due to the age of the existing bell-box it may develop a tamper issue which would activate the bell/siren and cannot be silenced from the keypad. External device tamper switches and pcb boards can be affected by the weather over time. Your bell-box...
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    Pile Driving

    Strange thing the noise outside was minimal. 100 yard down the road and inside awful thud after thud. As it is a reasonably small plot I hope they will be completed tomorrow. I've spent two days out and about avoiding the noise, it has been expensive. The point of the bottom driven steel cased...
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    Pile Driving

    Trying working from home with this racket. Thud every 3 seconds radiators vibrating.
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    Pile Driving

    Anyone know what’s going on here? It’s a new build and these cylindrical tubes are being driven into the ground. I live at the bottom of the cul-de-sac and the whole house is shaking. God knows what’s happing to the underground drainage etc. Complained to the council but no response. This...
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    Pyronix Enforcer v10 - Wi-Fi and GPRS at same time?

    £80 to Pyronix? I can’t find anything online for this.
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    Pyronix Enforcer v10 - Wi-Fi and GPRS at same time?

    Would the GPRS module work with any SIM? Where do you get the £80 per year cost pls?
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    ProControl+ playback

    I use ProControl+ and have the option to fast forward. Router is Virgin and I believe they normally have a static ip. Ports have been forwarded so I guess this is why I have the option to fast forward.
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    Pyronix Enforcer v EURO 46 v HKC - help please

    Where you buying the HKC from? I was told they were for the trade only. You cannot go wrong with Pyronix imo. Great kit. *pm sparkymarka he installed mine at a fantastic price :LOL:
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    Scantronic i-on alarm panel

    Pyronix Euro 46 would be you're best bet imo.
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    Enforcer System

    Can you PM me please mate have relatives in Sheffield very keen for you to install Enforcer for them. Cheers
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    Enforcer System

    what’s your company called mate?
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    Enforcer System

    But evasive mate. What’s your company called I get you out for a quote.
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    Enforcer System

    I guess I will. Just had the local firm quote out of interest. What would you charge?
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    Enforcer System

    Just been quoted £1003.44 for a Pyronix Enforcer system. 6 movement detectors 1 door detector 1 siren 1 decoy siren Decent price for the Midlands area?
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    C&K securit 800L

    Reset instruction is normally on the drop down lid.
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    Height of fence post

    gravel board? never thought of that. What benefit are they pls?
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    Height of fence post

    What length wooden fence post would I require for a 0.9 meter fence height with a 0.3 meter trellis? Post would be 0.75mm x 0.75mm so I'm thinking it will need to be 1.2m + 600mm = 1.8 meter post required?