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    Why are we Ohmless

    Well an Ω is of course a Greek letter so that is ( kind of ) logical. But it is also an electronics unit "as well".
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    Are back boilers illegal?

    It seems to me that some incorrect information is being given in this thread. My understanding is that NO open flued appliances over 12.7 kW may be installed in any area used for sleeping. If an open flued appliance of less than 12.7 kW IS fitted in a room for sleeping that that MUST be fitted...
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    Thames Water say I have to install a gully divider

    I would also suggest that whatever solution you propose that you confirm with TW that they agree with the proposed solution. Although it all seems very simple to me. Unfortunately, many people rather ignore drainage issues when they get outside. But TW are at the receiving end of so many...
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    Leaky external drain pipe. Can it be ignored?

    That is contrary to the water regulations. Most homes, especially older ones, have separate foul water and rainwater drains. A friend whose system is incorrect was recently visited by Inspectors from the local water supplier who were investigating a case of foul water entering a local stream...
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    New boiler installation

    I am very disappointed that you installer did not check and balance the rads. That is such a basic thing to do for any customer. You do not say if you already have TRVs but any new boiler should have them. Some may not like me saying it, but I often get the impression that boiler maker's...
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    Vaillant boiler high pitch sound /whistle

    There are also sometimes gas combustion problems which can cause this effect. For that reason I would always advise a competent gas registered engineer is called to diagnose. It can also sometimes caused by a heat exchanger which is seriously scaled up.
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    Potterton Prima 50f boiler issue

    As Gas Registered people we know that we are not allowed to give you information or even encourage you to attempt to repair your boiler yourself. You should not even be opening up your boiler yourself. It is likely to be a very simple fault and might not even need any new part. But what it...