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    Worcester Bosch 24i not firing from timer.

    The original 24i did have a fault as you described ,that was the gas valve sticking when cold in the mornings mainly on boilers fitted in the garage.When a second attempt is made it will fire as the first loosened up the gas valve.
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    Boiler starts when COLD tap is opened then shut.

    Sound as if you have water hammer and if it only started after you turned the stop cock off then its probably needs a new washer or new tap itself.The only problem with the boiler flow switch being tripped is that it will interrupt the ch heating cycle every time.
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    Worcester 28CDi

    If the plunger isnot comeing far enough out to hit the micro switch the obviously the gates in the valve wont be fully seated.Remove any pencils or sim. As Agile said the manifold the diverter valve sits in has a bi pass hoe/pipe atached if this is blocked it can produce some pressure behind the...
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    Worcester Greenstar 24i junior

    Must have missed that chapter.!
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    How long should DHW Pump run after no demand? Boiler Lockout

    First off never herd of a CD35i , you are describeing a 35 CDi mk 1. It has two pumps instead of a diverter valve so the dhw pump will run on for a short will just to displace some heat but its maily cooled down with the fan. The timeings etc you will find in the manual at the back in the flow...
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    Wireless Thermostat

    Take your perm live to the stat from ther terminal marked LS and the switch live from the stat back to LS .DO not take the stats perm live from the spur or the L terminal if you do you will bi pass the boiler fuse and switch, ie the board fuse could blow but the stat will still supply the board...
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    Worcester Greenstar 24i junior

    The Greenstar junior has been out less than 2 years so why are you and not Worcester fixing it free ? ?
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    Worcester Greenstar 24i junior

    That model is less than two years old so should be well inside its two year warranty ,just phone Worcester. Its not the air pressure switch the symptoms are wrong.
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    bosch 28i, upgrade to wireless thermostat

    The 28i is a standard eficiancy boiler and should not have been fitted after july 2005 without permission , if it is the standard 28i then a wireless room stat/timer is not a plug in option but you can get a 230V to remote timer that can be wired externally.
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    worcester 24 i LPG

    Forgot to say that the flame rectification will allso fail if the boiler is ran of some generators.
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    worcester 24 i LPG

    As said above check the polarity ,if crossed the boiler will not detect the flame and still ignite for around 7 seconds . Allso any voltage on the N above 15v will allso give the same fault that usually a faulty lead ,fused spur or if running on an (temp) extension cable . Hope u hav'nt just...
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    Boiler Flue Problems

    Worcester have only recently inherited Boulter boilers when bort out by Bosch so are still picking up the bits. You still have not said the make and model ?
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    Worcestor 24i / pcb or pressure switch?

    If its the original 24i not the one marked "junior" then then the only pressure switch on it is the air pressure switch if its fitted with the original brown/black model and not the later white model it should be replaced as its s**** ,other than that you could have a number of things wrong but...
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    Wor 28cdi rsf

    If your 7 seconds is correct then it wont be the heat exchanger 7 seconds is far too quick. I f the pump isn't running that would give you an overheat in or around 7 secs, if the ch overheats or just shuts down then its prob the pump but if the ch is fine then it could be the pcb. If the heat...
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    Boiler Flue Problems

    What type of oil boiler and what type of flue,conventional flue rising of the top of the boiler,a balanced flue usually square and will have two sets of grilles or slots when intake and one exaust or a low level discharge often mixed up with the balanced flue but will have only one set of...
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    Oil Boiler

    Yes you can use 35sec/class D red heating oil in your boiler the only leagal requirement is to pay the vat as with all domestic fuels , its now slightley more expensive than 28 sec ,doesnot burn as clean (should have a smoke reading of between 0-1 ) so has to be serviced every 6 months ,plus...
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    Oil Boiler

    You should be able to alter the nozzzle and re set the pressure and air intake so it will run ok on 35sec oil if ok with potterton, some models arnt suitable for 35 sec such as balanced flues.
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    Smelly boiler

    You have to get access to the top of the boiler to clean out the baffles and to maintain any of the electrics ,flow switch,plate heat ex,prv auto air vent etc. The smell is prob down to poor combustion if your eng was spot on he should have walked away from it if he could not get access to the...
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    Worcester Heatslave Senior 12 Boiler problems

    If you were qualified i would sugest you replaced the pilot injector and got the corect Honywell thermocouple you pilot flame may look ok to you but you cant tell for sure. That boiler has to be well over 20 years old so make sure all sals are replaced as you go. S ome of the seniors had a limit...
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    gas combi-boiler doesnt like cold weather!

    That light means you have burner lockout ,the faults are , flame senser faulty, min gas pressure too low or pcb fault . as it wil eventually light its usually min gas pressure too low . its easy to re set with a manometer if you have someone qualified to use it that is. What type of gas valve is...