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    Permitted Development - Do I Need To Ask?

    Agreed. I recently had an enquiry from someone wanting to purchase a property which had had a single storey rear extension about 12 years ago. It was probably PD, but there's no documentation to say it was, and the buyer and her solicitor were both pretty worried about it, because if it was...
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    Planning & Trees

    If you applying under the Prior Notification scheme, rather than a full planning application, and the tree is not protected by a TPO, then you don't need to include it on the plans as the Council can't take it into account when determining the application anyway.
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    Tree Survey craziness....

    Agree that most tree reports are padded waffle, but I don't accept that they have to accept it. They are quite within their rights to invalidate an application because it comes in with a generic tree report, rather than an accurate, site specific, report. Also you need to remember that the...
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    What if it's a bit bigger?

    You have to remember that the planning officers work within the law, as it exists. If the law says that your extension needs permission, then it does. End of story. It's like anything. Comply with the law and you'll be ok. If you flout the law and you get caught, then you have no-one but...
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    Are my hand draw plans acceptable to submit?

    They look fine. They're better than some we've accepted from people who claim to be professionals!
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    Moving a conseratory....

    Yes, you would need planning permission for both if you plan to do both parts at the same time, or you are doing the rear extension part first. If you were to build the new conservatory first of all, you might be able to do this under the 'permitted development' regulations without having to...
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    Planning vs PD - do i stand a chance?

    Yes, that's correct-even if you send it to the wrong office! :-) You will receive an acknowledgement letter from the LPA stating what day they received it-make sure this is correct.
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    Can you make multiple planning applications at once?

    Oh dear, someone's obviously had a bad experience! Many LA's are charging for pre-application advice it is true, but it's largely because they've been driven to it by government cuts. My LA has had nearly 60% funding cuts in the last six years, so it's not surprising. Central government measures...
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    Can you make multiple planning applications at once?

    Agree with this- If the worst comes to the worst don't forget that you can always re-submit after any refusal (within 12 months of the decision date) without payment of a fee (you could actually re-submit an alternative scheme, whilst also appealing against the refusal on the original scheme at...
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    Planning vs PD - do i stand a chance?

    Just a couple of things. You are correct that there is no obligation to notify the Housing Association, however if your local authority are like mine (I work for a Planning Dept) then their letter to neighbours will state something along the lines of 'If you are not the owner of this property...
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    Side return Extension 4.5 metres - PD v Planning

    Only started reading this recently, but imho the CURRENTWRAP requires the submission of a full planning application, because the proposal is beyond a side wall and is more than 50% of the width of the original dwelling house, as per LukeB123's explanation. If by chance your Council approves it...
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    UPVC Windows in Listed Building

    You need to bear in mind that contravention of Listed Building legislation is a criminal offence, unlike contravention of planning legislation. Personally, I wouldn't buy a LB property without the situation being regularised. You'll probably find that there are other properties nearby which...
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    outline planning project

    If you want to apply for Outline approval with 'all matters reserved', i.e. the very simpleist form of Outline application, all you need to do is -complete the application form- - attach the site location plan (usually at a 1:1250 scale), outlining the site area in red, and the other land that...