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    erbauer tools

    Aaahh erbauer. I really need to buy a sliding mitre saw and the erbauer one does look good for 150 sheets but i can't find any reviews on their gear. I really don't trust the reviews on screwfix, haha, they all sound suspiciously like the origional poster of this thread
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    Laqcuer to oil ?

    Gulp :shock:, By hand? I would seriously consider investing in a belt sander to do this task (buy or rent), and start with 120grit belts to remove the majoritty of the lacquer. 300 would probably clog up really quicky, and would take ages. You need to sand back until all of the lacquer is...
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    Restoring antique pine kitchen table

    Agreed with symptoms. If the wire wool doesn't work on the tougher marks, try a few drops of thinners on a cloth, go with the grain as if you were trying to blend something in, and remove any excess. I use fiddes and briwax at work, both very good natural waxes.