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    re-enforcing a wooden floor

    hi just done a loft conversion ...with building regs approval i had to batten to top of joists to add strenth had to glue and srew at 100mm centres across every joist and add interspaced joists . think the guy who reccomended interspaced joists in on the right track / architects...
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    installing a shower tray

    hi there folks . wanting to install a new shower in my loft conversion the tray is where the query is . its reconsituted stone will be sitting on top of wooden floor i obviously need to site the tray on a plATform to accomodate the waste trap and allow acess later . how do I...
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    bathroom lighting and extractor fans

    Hi folks I know you will be able to answer this pretty soon as its very simular to a question asked by pipme re ducting etc . Ok here goes. I got the basics for wiring the buggers up (extractor fan on timer that is that is ) intent taking supply from ceiling rose got the...
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    Tree House

    what if you build a SHED on you land and grow a tree out the top of it ??.should evade all planners restrictions . only joking but will keep an eye on the responses as i have or could be in same position .so will watch replies good luck with you proposed project...
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    wood for loft conversions .tanalised or vac -vac

    thanks oilman and extra hanks for the links althouth the first one is dead ? dont know why ? cheers anyway
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    trimmers for new staircase to loft conversion

    Hi there Trimmers to new staircase are to be 150x75mm. short ends are bout six foot both resting on top of wallplate of concrete block walls long bit bout 11 foot (3.3m) of which longest bit of unsupported span is bout 6 foot 6inches(2m). the actual width of the stairwell is...
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    wood for loft conversions .tanalised or vac -vac

    hi dont relayy know where this belongs on this forum so i guess this is a stab in the dark . Whats the difference between tanalised and vac-vac . and does building control favor one treatment more than the other or rather do they approve of both methods of treatment ....... need to...
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    conventional tiled roof (bungalow)bitumin underfelt??

    Hi there got a prob here ,looking for advice . Whilst converting loft have inadvertentlly poked a few holes in the very brittle bitumin type underfelt . How does one repair this before slotting in thermapitch insulation sheets , I have no leaks at the moment but as sure as...
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    Hi had simular prob as you in bungalow . Thought it was very strange .always condensation on windows(double glazed) etc. specially bedrooms in morning condensing hot breath etc . also fousty damp smell in most of the house .Was driving us crazy thought moisture was penetrating through...
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    Adding electricity to the loft

    No you cant take a spur off the shower circuit and no you cant take a spur of the lighting circuit to power sockets . Just accept it .as you seem to have anyway . Is there any way you can spur off the ring main or extend your ring main to include the loft ?? I am assuming you have a...
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    glueing and screwing battens to joists

    Hi there have to glue and screw 38 x50 mm battens to top of existing joists which are 110 x38mm I am using no10 100mm woodscrews (quicksilver twinthreads ) @ 400mm c/c as specified .Q? What glue do I use ? thank you in anticipation of a speedy reply .
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    qualified electricians and competent persons(old/new regs)

    thanks very much Steve you have kinda anticipated my thinking anyway .I want to try to get it all finished soon before part p comes into play ,notwithstanding this I of course will get a qualified electrician to check all my work anyway.A little further down the line ,when and if, i decide to...
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    steel beams

    Hi would someone please explain in plain english what the followIng means :178x102x30 ub binder on top of joists with ss straps fixed from each joist to wall plate rawl bolted to top of ub binder."??? A little drawing would be helpfull I know , but aint learned to do...
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    qualified electricians and competent persons(old/new regs)

    The reason that i wanted to know all these matters and get forms/certificates signed is because Firstly I wanted to sleep easy at night not worrying bout me and family waking up dead in the morning and Secondly should I come to sell the house, I wanted to have all these certificates and...
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    qualified electricians and competent persons(old/new regs)

    PS. What forms or certificates need to be completed re electrical work that has been carried which are acceptable to regs men or surveyors or the leccy boards.??? any chance an example of a form or cert that applies could be pasted on to this board ?? :) thanks...
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    qualified electricians and competent persons(old/new regs)

    Look I dont want to cause a fierce debate on this issue i have seen all the arguments here and at screwfix forum bout the regs .new regs, and part p being delayed till july etc. However , can someone advise me in simple non qualified terms what I should do .?? 1. I have...
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    earth trips at the consumer unit

    Hi thanks for your post The leccy man didnt look at much .he just said something bout "I know you country folk dont always do this but in Belfast we insist " We live in a town of 50,000 people 30 miles from Belfast. Some belfast...
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    earth trips at the consumer unit

    thanks to all you guys ..I am now clear what i need ... I am based in n.ireland ,maybe thats why the leccy man was being a bit tough. .............. I will retrofit rcd .......... if fact what i will do is ask the leccyboard how much it will cost me if they do it and if they...
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    loft conversions and electrics

    hi process of converting loft , prev insulation is rockwool .... now that i am gonna be flooring upstairs i was gonna leave rockwool in place ,not so much for heat insulation but for sound insulation between ground and first floor ............... and then put kingspan to eaves according...
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    Electric Cables in Cavity Walls

    if you cables are in cavities and you are worried , as you should be if you believe the coontributors to your query (and i wouldnt argue with their expertise ) You should be able to pass conduit over your cables retrospectivly if you lucky and you can trace you runs ...