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    Hive heating & hot water install wiring help with existing CH thermostat

    I think that it is the brown wire in 4 at the ep2002 and the earth wire (which has been used as a switched live) in C. So disconnect both of these and put the grey wire that is also in C to 4 on the Hive.
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    Hive installation removal of room stat confused by wiring

    Yes that's what I was suggesting, assuming that that is the room stat wire. You would have to check to make sure.
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    Hive installation removal of room stat confused by wiring

    It looks to me like it's wired to the clock. The red wire in terminal 4 and the yellow in the connector. So disconnect them both along with the blue that is in the same cable, then put the red that was in the connector (with the yellow wire) onto terminal 4.
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    Drayton HTS3 wiring advice

    The thermostat could be faulty. The motorised valve could be sticking. You may have the cylinder stat set higher than the thermostat on the boiler, so it will never reach the temperature you have it set to.
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    Drayton HTS3 wiring advice

    That is wired correctly, but I don't like how close that earth wire is to the live link. It should have a connector on it, also there should be some brown sleeving on the blue wire. As to why it's not turning off it could be a number of things.
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    Wiring Tado Smart Stat

    The fan on that boiler continues running for about 5 minutes after the call for heat finishes. Have you waited for that long?
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    Nest Thermostat wont stop calling for heat (Y plan)

    The white wire that's going to the boiler is correctly connected to the orange valve wire.
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    Nest Thermostat wont stop calling for heat (Y plan)

    The brown pump wire that is in with the orange valve wire at the moment should be put in a separate terminal with the red wire that is going to the boiler.
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    Can Hive v1 work without a hub (standalone)?

    This is the Hive V1. Is this what you have? If so then the instructions I gave are correct.
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    Can Hive v1 work without a hub (standalone)?

    Yes it can, turn the power off to the receiver and take the batteries out of the thermostat. Turn the power back on and hold down the button for heating for about 10 seconds. The flashing amber light will start flashing pink. While holding down + and - on the thermostat put the batteries...
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    Gravity fed or Pumped?

    Is there a wire connected to terminal 1 at the programmer? If there is then it should work set to fully pumped.
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    Confused by garden light switch wiring

    When you have screwed the switch back on the box you have trapped the wire see the yellow circles on you picture.
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    Hive thermostat

    The easiest way would be to join the red and yellow wires where the old thermostat is with a connector. Also put a separate connector on the blue wire. Then either put a blank plate on the box or fit your new Hive thermostat there to cover the connectors.
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    System boiler - should HW automatically come on when CH is turned on?

    You have a thermal store. It has to be heated up for the heating to work. So your system is operating as it should. You cannot have the heating on on it's own with that type of system. The programmer has been set to gravity correctly.
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    Eco light won't stay on Worcester DT10RF

    It is just the preheat which is controlled by the timer, so if you don't want the preheat to be on set the timer to off. Then the green light will then be lit up this means that the preheat is off. You will still get hot water, but it will take a few seconds longer to heat up.
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    Hive Hot Water comes on when only Heating selected.

    When in gravity mode the top light will be blue. To put it in fully pumped mode hold the left hand button in for about 10 seconds until the top light turns green.
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    Help, my boiler is being lazy!

    On this system boiler when you have external motorised valves only the thermostat with the picture of the radiator is used. The one with the picture of the tap doesn't do anything unless it has an integral motorised valve. (Which you don't) So basically you need to turn up the thermostat with...
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    Looking for a 4-wire smoke alarm

    The fourth wire (green/yellow) is an earth wire which wouldn't normally be connected to the smoke detector. So the 3 wire ones will probably be okay.
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    Latest wiring regs

    18th 2nd edition
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    Unless the hot water had reached the temperature the cylinder stat is set to.