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    Advice Needed on House Rewiring Planning

    Yes - this is what I suspected, thank you. I'm hoping given downstairs ceilings will be coming down anyway, this would mean access to upstairs floors is not needed. (Fingers crossed) As kitchen/dining room/downstairs bathroom is on a separate ring and on the new consumer unit - I'm hoping I...
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    Advice Needed on House Rewiring Planning

    Thanks for replies. I fully understand and expect to pay a premium as I'll be living in the property whilst the rewording is going on. My question was more is it possible to just rewire a living room/downstairs landing first - and then do the upstairs later? As the downstairs is being gutted...
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    Advice Needed on House Rewiring Planning

    In the process of doing up the house (3 bed,terraced) from top to bottom in stages (whilst living in it) - just had a new kitchen/dining room extension done which included new wiring and consumer unit - however the rest of the house (downstairs/upstairs lights and sockets) minus these rooms...
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    Help! Shower Door *slightly too big* - any fix?

    Hello - purchased the below sliding shower door It says it is designed for a range of "1075-1100mm if fitted in a recess (between 2 walls), or 1060-1110mm if fitted with an Atlas side panel". It will be going in between two walls...
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    New Boiler Install/Kitchen Extension Dilemma!

    Hi all - hoping someone can help with the issue I am having - I will try to keep this simple! We are having a kitchen/dining room extension - new downstairs bathroom, kitchen replaced etc and as part of this, wanted our 20+ year old combi boiler moved to the back of the new extension. As part...