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    Insulating combed cieling

    The extension is 20 years old,no hatch so plan was to do as you say and cut a hole, install insulation, replace board and as we are in north of Scotland clad the ceiling in timber, which is quite traditional up here. I was a bit concerned about the space between the slopping part of the ceiling...
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    Insulating combed cieling

    The floor is solid concrete, so didn't think that was an option, do you think it might be. Agree with you on the fire risk side of things, what would you recommend? Thanks for the reply.
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    Insulating combed cieling

    Hi I need to insulate an extension unfortunately I have no access into the roof space. The ceiling is combed and looking from outside I don’t think there will be much space between the plaster board and the roof. If I gain entry into roof space would it be possible to insert a Celotex or...
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    wall insulation

    cheers deluks, just what i wanted to here :D
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    wall insulation

    I have just stripped my shower room out and found that the external wall is just a single block thickness with a 50mm gap then a timber frame which had the plaster board fixed to it,no insulation at all.What is the best option for insulating the room? Baz
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    garage door

    Yes the spring has sprung and i see the hole that you refer to, so the idea is to tension the spring before you put the new wire on ?
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    garage door

    I have an up and over style garage door, one of the wires has snapped so i am going to replace both of them. Could somebody please tell me how to tension the spring?
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    door size help

    I am having problems finding ready made doors to fit my house,the sizes are 72.5cm x 204cm and 62.5cm x 204cm. Any one know where i could get hold of some doors? Bazil
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    raised patio

    HI I have a raised patio approx 4 ft high which is covered with concrete flags or slabs depending on where you live.I want to cover the whole thing with decking. Some of the flags are uneven and will have to come off and be relaid, or could i just take them all off and put a screed over the...
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    storage heaters

    Does anybody know where i can get covers for storage heaters? normal sized radiator covers are not deep enugh and do not allow access to controls of electric storage heaters. Cheers
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    painting pebble dash

    Any advice please on what sort of paint and which type of applicator covering pebbledash. Cheers