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    starting business??

    This would be the best place to start As well as registering Self employed be sure to register under CIS that way you only get stung for 20% tax if you sub to anyone instead of 30% or so.
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    Looking for a time delay lock out

    You could achieve it by using an Off Delay Relay, this could involve a fair degree of re-wiring as you would need the relay to control a contactor the could switch the load of the shower, you would also need a button to activate the timer relay. There various types of Off Delay relays you...
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    Energy efficient lights in rewire - Part L clarification

    Where does it actualy say that Part L Does not apply to rewires? Its just Section 12 of the new Domestic Building Compliance guide 2010 seems to indicate that it does apply to rewires as as it list recomendations for meeting the energy efficency requirements for both new and existing dwellings...
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    Electric sign off

    So how is going through Building control and having them send out an electrical contractor who will be a registered member of one of the schemes, any different to employing your own electrician to carry out the exact same inspections and tests.
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    Commercial Sockets

    Depending on what load you are intending to draw from these extra sockets you could always install an RCD fused Spur at the point you intend to break into the existing ring. This would enable you two fit flush sockets and cableing. You would however be limited to 13A supply
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    It sounds fine, as you say the switches and fittings do have earth's its only that DI singles are used as strappers between two way switching. I wouldnt even code it. Just make a comment that parts of the installation are wired in Double Insulated singles.
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    Consumer units - split or dual RCD

    Why is using RCBO's not the best option for a TT installation ??
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    Atom Kablo brand

    Well i wouldnt touch it with a barge pole. Atlas Kablo is a cable manufacturer based in Istanbul which had its BASEC approval revoked. Now Atom Kablo is also based in Turkey. Not only that Atlas Kablo are based at Perpa Ticaret Merkezi, A Blok Kat:5 No:95 Okmeydanı / İstanbul...
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    garage supply and earthing !

    Its probably worse then you think. BS 6004 Table 8. For two and three conductor cables: * 1.5 sqmm cable has 1.0 sqmm CPC * 2.5 sqmm cable has 1.5 sqmm CPC * 4 sqmm cable has 1.5 sqmm CPC * 6 sqmm cable has 2.5 sqmm CPC * 10 sqmm cable has 4 sqmm CPC * 16...
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    supplementry combi.

    It still makes me smile when I have to replace an immersion element and when opening up the cupboard your greeted by as much earth cable as you are copper pipe..
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    TN-S and TN-C-S

    Just to clarify TN-S does not require an earth loop of 0.8 and TNC-S does not need to be 0.35 or better. These are just typical values that supply authorities try to achieve and can be exceeded there are no regulations covering the maximum values allowed for either supply type.
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    Two electric supplies

    I think you need to go back to basics as it were, contact the supplier yourself and discuss directly with them about upgrading your own supply. Make no mention about anything else just get them out explain what you want and take it from there. I fail to see how the fact that two properties...
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    Two electric supplies

    I'd guess since its not to do with the fact that the electrical supplies cross form one building to the other that there only issue is the fact that the two buildings are connected via this door therefore its essentially one building. Are the two building addresses different ? it may be that the...
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    Couple of testing questions

    Before taking and sockets off you would be best of doing Continuity tests on the conductors and R1+R2.
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    TT supply

    I havent looked it up but from a pure common sense point of view the answer is no. What happens what one supply is being worked on and someone needs to do any work / tests on the rod. They may have to disconnect the earth to the other supply as well.
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    Earthing for Shed - disconnect house earth?

    You can use the earth form the house, no need to put a rod in at the shed. and make sure that the SWA armouring is earthed. That is of course unless there any any extraneous-conductive-parts in the shed. in which case either convert it to a TT supply or run a suitably sized bonding conductor...
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    three phase and earth fault protection

    So install one with adjustable earth fault protection.
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    fitted porch lamp, now internal lamp doesn't work (what coul

    It would be one of the blue cables that is broken, when you take the porch light back off i suspect one of the blue cables will no longer be in the connector block. this is why non of the other lights are not working.
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    RCCB Ruining my life

    There may not actually be anything wrong with the installation or any of the appliances. An RCD basically monitors what goes through it and what is returned if the difference becomes to great between what goes through and what is returned, in this instance probably 25mA or more then the RCD will...
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    fitted porch lamp, now internal lamp doesn't work (what coul

    If the cables come staright through the wall its unlikley that you have drilled one. I would agree with 1john in that its probably a broken neutral in the terminals or you didnt secure it properly. It can often happen when you fold all the cables back especially if its 1mm that they can snap if...