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    Water main pipe size query

    Apologies so he did.
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    Water main pipe size query

    Not sure how you worked out you'll need 20mm pipe if you have 68mm existing? Anyway mdpe pipe is probably 63mm od 51mm Id. You sure it's that big? What you renovating a hospital? Try 25mm.
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    15mm to 15mm straight through coupler with male connections?

    Leaks, I should really just get 10mm valves but the thermostatic valve cost me £14, plus another £3.50 for the other end. I appreciate that to some people this is chicken feed but, unfortunately at the moment, to me it's not. So really wanted to utilise these valves Okay try this next time...
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    15mm to 15mm straight through coupler with male connections?

    Er, all that messing around , ever thought of changing the valves for 10mm? Hello?
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    MegaFlo DD210 Constantly hot (unvented system) help needed!!

    Turn the power off immediately. Do not turn water off. Open hot taps to release water until it cools down. You need this checking by a qualified g3 licensed fitter, an electrician could check it out, the thermal safety trips should have operated so this needs investigating.
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    Toilet trapways..

    Wow! You've got a small feeling trapway not sure what that is but I'm sure it's more likely to be the soil outlet pipe work and pan connector that is at fault. Not familiar with home base and B Q goods but I'm sure the traps are pretty much standard.
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    New mixer shower

    Maybe it's a fault with, diverter, hose, shower head, plumber. Have you not asked him? Just a thought.
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    Cap off lead pipe but cannot turn water off

    This is not a DIY job try employing a professional plumber.
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    Can you plumb a shower waste into a rain water drain pipe

    I agree it's done everywhere. Doesnt make it right though. Been knocked back a few times in Manchester areas so maybe they a bit more lenient it Yorkshire!!!
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    ecotec937 plus honeywell thr872

    Can anyone break this code?
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    Compression Joints - how tight and which type of olive?

    Never use original boss white on potable water fittings it's illegal so use boss green.
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    Close coupled toilet leaking from bolts

    Hi You need to romove the cistern. These type of cisterns fixings are a joke. Best bet fit rubber washers, stainless washers and back nuts under cistern with a blob of silicon. Then place through pan and use original wing nuts etc. It could of course be leaking from badly fitted donut washer so...
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    Booster pump - no dedicated feed?

    No. You can't pump them. :cry:
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    Can you plumb a shower waste into a rain water drain pipe

    Shower waste is classed as foul so no you can't.
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    Question about cold water pressure reducing valve

    Not sure out megaflow but bought one recently for Oso and it was about this price. :?
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    Puma 80e loss of pressure

    Expansion vessel problem.......check it.
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    Glowworm combi 30ci

    Check expansion vessel. As usual. Look at previous list of problems and FAQ's.................
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    vokera linea 24 manual confusing me

    Try checking the expansion vessel for pressure [with boiler isolated and de pressurised] Could be it needs pumping back up or is goosed!