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    Smashed UPVC window sill....DOH

    UPVC windows normally sit on top of the cill . You may be lucky and be able to remove the mortar under it and slide it out but i doubt that will happen . Just whip the window out and replace the cill .
  2. J

    fitting a fire door to an old frame - rebate too small

    Good thinking ! Bet you got covered in sawdust :lol:
  3. J

    Wooden/Oak Windows

    Not too far from me but i'm stacked with work right now .
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    fitting a fire door to an old frame - rebate too small

    Glue and screw not nails . Maybe glue and screw the new stop on and use a top bearing guided flush cutting router bit to remove the un wanted old stop . If the frame is not to far out then adjusting the hinges the other way to your out of wind will put it right . It's probably quicker to...
  5. J

    Kitchen Door (entrance) - regulation

    A door should'nt open into a kitchen unless it's part glazed . Same reason you don't open a front door out .
  6. J

    Front Door + Frame + Replacement

    Yes a tad high i think , is that supply only :lol: What area of London are you in ? I'm in London myself but not sure if we are allowed to offer prices or contact details on this forum ?
  7. J

    Wooden/Oak Windows

    :lol: Find a local joiner rather than a window company . What area are you in ?
  8. J

    Attaching upvc window frames to upvc French door frame.

    Obviously not ! Never had anything " not passed " with top side lights above 900mm not being toughened or laminated .
  9. J

    upvc door

    Did you know your weather bar is missing its D shaped rubber ?
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    garage door

    Has the spring sprung ? If not there should be a small hole that you can put a metal dowel in to stop it going when you cut the other wire . I had this problem when i salveged a roller shutter for my workshop . Like a true pro i wound a rope around the roller about 20 times , tied the end to the...
  11. J

    Attaching upvc window frames to upvc French door frame.

    A what ? Where did you hear that rubbish ?
  12. J

    Recommend an architrave supplier?

    Brad , don't you have the same spindle moulder as me ? I assume your local , you could run it off in no time .
  13. J

    cellar conversion anyone got some advice !!!

    Have a look here
  14. J

    Recommend an architrave supplier?

    Or find a local joiner who can run you off any moulding you want .
  15. J

    Hardwood door frame

    Glue and screws .
  16. J

    Replacing a Yorkshire Light

    I would replace the rafters if needed and lay the glass on top of them using a gasket system . That sort of thing .
  17. J

    31" Internal Doors?

    There was a thread a while ago on here where some one was having some made for £400 per door , that's cheap . I'd want double that myself .
  18. J

    Bottom Of Doors - Height From Floor

    I normally leave 12-18mm , more so 12mm and then when the carpets go down the door can be shot in . I dont think it,s down to the builder myself , how is he to know if you are having thick or thin carpet , lino or solid wood floors .
  19. J

    building a wardrobe!advice greatly appreciated!

    I would make boxes to the shape you need them and then fix a face frame to that to hide any gaps between the boxes and ceiling . This would also give you good fixings for hanging rails and adjustable shelves .
  20. J

    Fitting internal doors - A daft solution?

    The 6mm timber will want to cup and may split , also your architrave wont have a good fixing to it . If you are going this way i would use 18mm timber and put in a whole new frame ( your architrave will hide the old frame ) Bit of a long winded way to hang a door but each to thier own i spose .