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    Fridge advice please

    Thanks Steve, Took your advice and bought a new one! G
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    Fridge advice please

    Hello All, I have an under the counter fridge in my kitchen which is about 11 years old and is currently showing 15degrees C. ( setting on max) Its never been what I call "cold" since it was installed with the kitchen. Im wonderring if its better to replace the fridge with a new eco model...
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    Long Handled Watering Can to help elderly father???

    If your farther has a hosepipe I can recommend a garden feeder by Superspray. You can clip it to the hosepipe and it will dilute any liquid feed, detergent for car washing or window washing and its dilution is accurate. It will also spray clean water at the turn of a...
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    Lawn Help

    I use a product called 'Lawn Magic' from name sounds a bit corny but the stuff works great. Its a liquid concentrate and is applied with a Superspray fixed to a hosepipe. I think its better than pellet feeds as they can burn the grass if it doesnt rain after its applied...
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    Grass Growing Project with Pics

    I wouldclear off all the vegetaion but dont dig the ground, just dig up the plants and weeds. You will destroy the soil structure. Give the area a good raking down to about 2inches. take out all the stones and rake the soil about so you have a flat area. Do this by raking north to south...
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    How to finish a deck

    I would recommend using the Ronseal decking oil product or even the Decking seal which comes in "Tints" eg Pine. Over time the deck willgo grey due to the lignum in th ewood being degraded by sunlight. Some people like this mature look but if you dont then use one of the tints. Oil need...
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    cuprinol ducksback

    Should be OK to brush but if a bit thick, then add no more than 10% water to thin it down a bit. This is a waterbased product and will accept "water"!
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    Weed and Feed Lawn and then add grass seed ?

    I prefer taking weeds out by hand and lawn feeding by using liquid feeds. less risk of burning as with pellets if it doesnt rain soon after application. I read a product review on QVC for a lawn feed and sprayer which im going to try this year as Ihave spoken with the makers in lancashire...
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    Mushroom compost for lawn dressing?

    Mushroom compost can be made with chicken manure . Its also very Alkyline. The compost is generally supplied in bales about 18" x 24" x 6" deep which are laid on shelves and Touching. A layer of peat [casing] mixed with lime is spread over the top about 2" deep and the spores are sown. When...
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    How to prepare for weed mat

    I guess you are using this for a drive way? Depending how deep the scalpins are then ordinery landscape cloth should do. (Black and a bit like tissue) Or for tougher duty, you can buy rolls of woven polyprop with squares pinted for use in nurseries for standing pots on. The lines give...
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    I live to give!!!!
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    removing the larger flat leaved weeds (dandies, thistles, plantain etc) from the lawn one is left with quite a large area of non grass which must be filled and reseeded. use a pot carrying tray for 3" pots usually scroungable foc at the GC and fill with compost to depth of the pot grips. sow...
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    slugs are eating my hostas

    Sometimes its the keel slugs that do most dange. They are very small and live below ground. The huge slugs you see on the surface are easily spotted and treated but beware those lurcking below ground. I use slug pellets underneath the foliage and surrounding area.
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    B&Q charge for car parking?

    I have no problem with companies restricting parking, its their land and its their business. If you go over your stay then so be it! But 7.30 a.m Sunday morning for half an hour and £70 seems like a money making excersize rather than a deterant.
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    B&Q charge for car parking?

    My local B&Q store just gave me a £75 parking charge for parking my car in their car park last Sunday morning between 7.30am and 7.54 am. They dont open until 10a.m. so I wasnt obstructing potential customers. This store is becoming a bit of a joke though im not laughing! If you visit twice...
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    Think carefully about 'sealing' roof tiles. a roof needs to breather. I know there are companies who do seal rooves but maybe have a word first with your local council ,Building Consultancy, department for so free expert advice from their architects. With a guy up there jetwashing is liky...
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    Mossy grass-repair or replace?

    Never found that to happen personally, The grass takes it through the leaves and the roots and You get a really even greening and feeding. Growmore is cheap for sure but its not a lawn feed (npk 5:5:5) and the pellets take some desolving. Its meant for soil application, lawn feeds generally...
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    Overgrown Garden assistance/advice

    I use a mixture of wood chips mixed with "Forest floor" mulch (sweepings) bought from a local saw mill. alternative supplies might be the tree surgeons that put the branches thro a shreader. Council may have a load to dispose of. Also if you have a Leylandii hedge use the clippings from...
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    Overgrown Garden assistance/advice

    When the weeds are dead, rake off the vegetation but before laying down the mulch, apply some general fertilizer to the area (Growmor at handful / sq m.) to add fertiliity to the soil. When planting shrubs and plants make sure the plant/shrub has been watered well in the pot. dig a hole no...
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    Poor Drainage = Soft Grass = damage HELP! RECOMMEND GRASS?

    with the right peice of kit it wont take that long. leave the blacker and decker in the shed and hire a proper job!