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    Extension Advice

    Yeah had me proper worried that these kind of people work in the planning and approvals department... hopefully she doesn't approve applications like she claimed she did!! It may have been a language barrier thing, she had a really strong accent and maybe she wasn't understanding me properly or...
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    Extension Advice

    Haha that made me laugh (y). She pulled up the last planning application which was approved over a decade ago which apparently showed the boundary to be the house and not where the garden meets the pavement. I showed her the Land Registry document I took with me and her response was "well if...
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    Extension Advice

    Hi all, Long time lurker on these forums here hoping for some advice. We've just bought a detached house which has one side of the house facing the street. What we want to do is build a double storey extension on this side (there is 4m there) and also to the front to increase the size of the...
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    Wood cladding: installing new doors/windows advice

    Hi All, Have found great advice on these forums without having to ask any questions before but now the time has come for me to finally be stumped and have to ask :) I have a brick built outhouse which I am going to sort out to be used as a gym. It does have damp proof membrane in the floor but...