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  1. J

    Candy washing machine fills up and emptys

    Hi, From what you say it seems that the normal water level switch is not working properly. When it fills to much, the second switch (overflow security) actuates and activates the draining pump.
  2. J

    CANDY DISHWASHER common problem?

    I forgot to mention that I also changed the low voltage electrolitic capacitors and nothing changed. I am now going to try to see whats behind the program knob. I suspect there is a power supply hidden there because it says 24 V 10 mA.
  3. J

    CANDY DISHWASHER common problem?

    The board has an eprom yes. But I don't think this is the problem because sometimes the programs work well. It must be something else
  4. J

    CANDY DISHWASHER common problem?

    Hi, I have the same problem. My candy cd112 fills with water, it sprays some water and stops, then again and again repeats the same cycle spray-off-spray-off !!! when reset manually, it drains the water ok. After checkeing almost everything I checked the electronic board to see if there...