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    How can I test shower flow w/crap taps?

    It's 24W - so I guess I wont be able to go full blown waterfall. To be honest, a big head is all I want. The wife is a bath person, but I need a good shower. So I guess assuming I don't have blockage in my pipes, then I should be able to get by w/o a power shower? Thanks again.
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    How can I test shower flow w/crap taps?

    Thanks, but dumb question - what is a "good" result I should expect? My aim is to install one of those "waterfall" shower heads so I know the higher the better... Thanks
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    How can I test shower flow w/crap taps?

    Thanks for your reply. So you're saying even though the combi is downstairs and near the kitchen, if the flow of the kitchen tap is "n litres per min" I should ideally expect the same from the tub? Or would it be better to test the hot water flow from the bathroom tap - it's in the same...
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    How can I test shower flow w/crap taps?

    So I've got a bit of a conundrum here. I'm in the process of replacing my ancient tub and am trying to figure out if I need to call out an electrician to help me fit a power shower. I have a combi boiler and I get excellent pressure to all taps, but not my old tub. I suspect (hope) this...
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    Folding door advice - PVC, Veneer, or Aluminum?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to replace my aging (and crumbling) French doors with folding doors. I was curious if anyone has any real world feedback on the type of material I should be looking for? I would prefer to avoid PVC, but on the same side I am weary of veneer - will it hold up against...
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    PVC Flashing?

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone heard of replacing lead flashing with PVC? My neighbour is putting in a loft extension and part of the work is to re-shingle his side of the roof. The problem is currently our roof has lead flashing, but his builders are replacing it with a PVC-based model I think. I...
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    Biasi (Riva Compact) on/off problem

    Hi Everyone, A few days ago, the ch part just stopped working, full stop on our Biasi. dhw still works just fine, but no matter what I do to reset the boiler, I still get the dreaded 4 blinks per second of death from the status light. The odd thing is, the boiler periodically fires up and...
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    Silicone rubber sealant: where can I find?

    Hi Everyone, I desperately need to draught-proof two existing box sashes in my drafty Victorian terrace. One of the sashes I plan on renovating next spring. Now I can't because I'm broke! Damn Christmas.... Anyway, I read with great interest the page detailing the various methods to draught...
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    loft conversion

    What is the most expensive aspect of doing this? I would love to do a conversion but I don't have £20,000 to kill. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to pay for someone to do the stairs into the loft, and someone to run the plumbing, but to do the rest myself? ie finishing, laying the...
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    Heating question

    Thanks! Do you know any decent brands in the UK? The only one I know about is here: Granted I don't know about this type of heating so its hard to know whether £200 for every 7m2 is expensive. cheers! Geoffrey
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    Heating question

    Does anyone have any experience with installing a heating system under the floorboards? Is it expensive and difficult to lift up the floorboards to a original Victorian house? My wife and I are moving into a fixer upper next month, and one of the things that needs doing is the central...