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    Box plane lump out of plastered wall

    I have just paid a (useless) plasterer/decorator to plaster and paint bedroom three in our house. Its the small box room and we are in our third week, it has been painted but the snagging list is enormous. Lots of blisters, patchy paint, trowel marks, craters... Anyway things have escalated to...
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    Multi-fuel Stove Install

    It would have been used for a solid fuel stove of some type. There is no gas on site, there is no oil feed either and the recess is small. We are out in the countryside and have an abundance of timber. I am aware that it is good practice to have a coal fire occasionally to burn off residues you...
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    Multi-fuel Stove Install

    We have moved into house which has an open fireplace. There is no mantel piece but a square recess in the chimney breast with tiled floor and a flue! We would like to install a small multi-fuel stove to supplement the central heating, as the house is rented we are looking if it is possible to...
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    Unvented Direct System - 120Litres - Which is best?

    There are two occupants at the flat. I've not measured the water pressure but it seems pretty good. I seem to recall a plumber once telling me it was 3 BARG.
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    Unvented Direct System - 120Litres - Which is best?

    Hi, I am looking at getting an unvented direct system fitted to a ground floor flat of mine. The hot water pressure is hopeless and the only means of heating is electric so I thing this type of system would be best.. I know there are a number of manufacturers of these systems - Megaflow...
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    Levelling un-even floor in barn

    I use a barn as some workshop space. Its probably 120 years old and the floor in one corner is particularly un-even. It looks to be a load of red bricks which is quite broken up. There is quite a bit of soil which I am drying out so I can hopefully sweep away and see if it is an old floor or...
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    Stud wall length not divisible by 400mm.

    I need to build a stud wall. I do not have the measurement to hand (I'm at work), but it is not divisible by 400mm. Is it best to do either end and the middle or should I try and use 400mm centres and a random remainder?
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    Finsh Tiled to ceiling

    Hi, I am planning on re-tiling our bathroom. What is the best way of finishing where the wall tile meets the ceiling? At present the tiles stop, there is an inch of emulsion/plaster wall. Then coving and the ceiling....It looks nasty
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    Bathroom Extractor

    I am planning a bathroom refit and one of the jobs is to install a wall mounted extractor. The bathroom is quite small and the fan will be mounted to the wall over the bath (opposite end to the shower head). It it acceptable to have the isolator and fused spur outside of the bathroom or...
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    Aquapanel, Hardiebacker or BAL WP1

    Hi, bit new to this so bear with me.... I am looking to build false wall and tile over in my bathroom. The two areas in particular are the end of the bath/shower and an alcove next to the washbasin. I have read recommendations for Aquapanel, Hardiebacker or BAL WP1 and know to steer clear...
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    Channelling Pipes in wall

    Not really able to have them exposed. I want to run them down the back wall of the shower to under the bath. Do I need to run the pipes in anything or should I just fill them into the wall? I would prefer to use copper and soldered joints....Sound ok so far?
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    Channelling Pipes in wall

    I am changing our bathroom around... At present there is a surface mounted bar mixer for the shower. This is fed by two vertical pipes. I am wanting to re-tile the room and would like to channel the walls out and tile over the top. what is the best way of doing this? The walls are breeze...
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    Suggested Supplier of Cockspur Latches (Timber Windows)

    I have a flat which is fitted with DG panes in timber frames. A couple of the original cockspur latches have failed and require replacing/have been replaced with poorly made latches. Can anyone suggest a supplier of a sturdy latch that is reasonable to look at suitable for a timber window...
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    Power Shower Woes

    I have examined the pump vanes and and all seems ok.... One thing I have noticed which I think is very strange is: The pressure vessel seems to vent bubbles out of the outlets? The schrader valve on the pressure vessel squirts out water when the pin is depressed! The cold outlet from...
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    Power Shower Woes

    Pump has been installed elsewhere before with no issues...but is 3 odd years old. I am told that the shower take off flange is similar to an Essex flange by Gledhill. - It is formed into the tank when it is manufactured. The pump is next the the HWS on the floor, and the CWS is about...
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    Power Shower Woes

    I have installed a salamander ESP75 CPV pump to a Gledhill Envirofoam Stainless Steel SE36X18IND Hot Water Water Cylinder. The cold feed I have taken from the CWS via 22mm pipe. The hot is from the shower take off point (similar to essex flange) which is fitted as std. to the cylinder. It...
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    Low profile fitting for power shower take off

    I have investigated the back of my Gledhill cylinder and conveniently enough there is a factory installed power shower take off. I need to attach a 22mm fitting (I assume 3/4BSP) to it. However there is very little space between the shower take off and the back of my airing cupboard. I can...
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    Shower pump spec

    I need a pump because I have negative pressure. I have fitted the largest tank I can in the space. I am curious how I can throttle the supply to the shower to create a larger pressure drop. The shower I am fitting is rated at [email protected] BAR
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    Shower pump spec

    I have: 25 Gallon Cold Water Storage Tank 25 Gallon Hot Water Cylinder 6" Negative Head Salamander ESP 75 CPV Shower pump: Type – 2.2 bar twin-ended two stage centrifugal Maximum Pressure – 2.2 bar Duty point 1 – 2.1 bar at 10 litres/min Duty point 2 – 1.95 bar at 20 litres/min...
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    HWC 22mm Male Output - How to fit Surrey Flange

    Gledhill list the output as 22mm Will this be 1" BSP - I love mixing metric and imperial (arrrrrgggghhhh)