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    Good luck dealing with Muffdiver and Gaswhinger in the general discussion forum ..:LOL::LOL:
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    Worcester greenstar utility 18/25 oil constantly locking out.

    Ok here’s a suggestion. I had a problem with the same burner with the Satronic control box. Basically the burner would occasionally fire up ok and on other occasions it went to lock-out. With the Satronic control box the normal firing sequence is 12 seconds pre-purge, flame establishes, 5...
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    Worcester Camray 18/25 utiity boiler

    My post was removed for the reason it was “gas advice” but don’t understand why as it was guidance on baffle removal. All this information can be found in MI left with householder?
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    Camray 5

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    Trianco Eurostar 90 not starting

    You now need to get a Professional in sooner rather than later
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    Problem with Grant Combi Boiler - no hot water

    They may look identical but they come out of the box not necessarily with the pump and volute in the correct orientation for the Grant Combi. I got bit on the arse by the exact same problem with the exact same symptoms you describe. Just rule this out by simply by checking the position of the...
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    Problem with Grant Combi Boiler - no hot water

    Which way is the arrow pointing?
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    Problem with Grant Combi Boiler - no hot water

    Did you just charge the pump head or the whole assembly?
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    Problem with Grant Combi Boiler - no hot water

    As said above I would be looking at the pump. Did you change just the pump head or did you change the base plate of the pump as well? Out of the box, these pumps fitted with the electrical connection facing up and the direction of flow is also up. For the hot water pump on the combi, the head...
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    War with Iran & Venezuela?

    So one of my posts has been deleted. Nothing controversial in terms of content but it’s disappeared Nice to know Whinger is censoring his threads by reporting to Mods! Typical fascist leftie
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    I just don’t know what to do

    Check out JW as well he’s a very logical guy who does some good videos on S and Y plan wiring
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    I just don’t know what to do

    If you’re just starting out buy yourself a Honeywell S Plan Kit (or Y Plan), including room stat, programmer, wiring centre , etc and then wire it up on a board whilst referencing the Honeywell wiring guide. You could pick up a lot of this on eBay. Use your multimeter to check voltages...
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    New Riello oil burners

    There have been issues with these. When first introduced the burners were producing higher than usual levels of CO so Grant recommended increasing the pump pressure and using a narrower angled nozzle (60 degree) with a solid pattern. They also recommend setting CO2 at 12.5 per cent which...
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    Riello RDB

    So who is your regular service engineer? Has he said he can’t fault find an RDB? Have you tried Social Media (Community Pages on Facebook for example) to find a recommended guy in your area? What is the make/age of the boiler? Here is a fault finding guide for the RDB...
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    Riello RDB

    Intermittent lock out could be anything! Unless a component has failed and it can be proved then I would put this into the hands of a competent oil guy and this may even involve some trial and error.
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    Oil burner new liner... Bad smell

    Please turn off your appliance immediately. Who installed this liner?
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    Oil CH boiler - air in the supply pipe

    A non-tight Compression fitting on the oil line could cause it. A long oil run can also be a culprit with the oil being stretched and oxygen being released into the oil line. Do a search on “HRM Wallstar” oil boilers and there’s a wealth of information in there about this issue. How many times...
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    Oil burner

    Clean out all that dust and fluff from the fan damper as well.
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    Oil burner

    Get that braided flexi changed at the same time. Accident waiting to happen
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    I want to fit a 1200lt single skin oil tank

    Excellent you have all bases covered