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    baxi duo tec

    Original Duo-Tec mk1 still being made and sold ! Great boiler and available with upto 10 year warranty! :lol:
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    potterton combi 80 pcb

    Hi yes he has fitted the permanent pilot version pcb and you have the electronic ignition version ! It will all work fine except your fan will run constantly at low speed as this is needed to disperse the fumes and heat from the pilot version! If it's the old type pcb beige in colour and not...
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    Main combi E30 Eco bolier

    Toe knee it does sound like the main heat exchanger has got a pin hole causing the water to leak out of the heat exch down the condense pipe! Your best option is to take out a fixed price repair with the manafacturers covering all parts and giving you a years warranty! IMO the boiler is a very...
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    Electric Boiler

    This is a good all in 1 hot water and heating option!
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    Baxi 105e - Luke warm DHW continues....

    Fruitcake just resurrected a 4 year old post! You other guys need to check your plate heat exchanger isn't blocked with debris! :wink:
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    potterton 100e

    Turn the cold mains off and if you get heating you no its a hot tap or shower letting bye somewhere if you don't you need a new wax diverter assy! :wink:
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    Potterton Combi Leaking?

    Sorry to say that if you have water coming out of condensate when boilers not even on then it's definately the heat exchanger! Your best bet would be to do a fixed price repair with heateam which includes all parts and a years warranty! :wink:
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    Baxi 105e fluctuating DHW temperatures

    You would not be able to flush the boiler through! Your symptoms to me say that your plate heat exchanger is blocked up! When you run the hot water do the temperature lights go right upto 80 ?
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    Baxi Combi 105E

    Sounds to me like the pump proving pin is sticking up in the on position as when the boiler tries to fire again it checks it is open circuit first if it is sticking it could be the diaphragm or a blockage in the bypass pipe ;0)
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    baxi 80 eco problem

    Yes sounds like diverter is faulty 248061 if my memory serves me right!
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    boiler truble

    Sounds like your 3 port valve is sticking try turning the heating off and seeing if the valve closes!
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    Baxi ignition problem

    They have some strange plugs out there! :roll:
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    Potterton Boiler Control 407676 resistor value

    Go buy a new pcb then as modifying a gas appliance is seriously dangerous! :roll:
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    Baxi Megaflow DD170 element problems

    It won't need new immersions just the thermostats replacing! These type are renowned for nuisance overheat tripping due to the location of the overheat sensor this has been rectified in the new type white in colour thermostat and by replacing for this type will solve your problems! :roll:
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    Boiler repair and maintenance contract - Recommendations ?

    Call heateam the boiler manafacturers over 90% first time fix rate and carry all the parts needed! Could be electrodes or gas valve? Number is 08448711545 :wink:
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    Potterton Puma 80e Full Sequence Board & Gas Valve

    The most common thing on these is the auto air vent drips onto the top solenoid on the gas valve which blows the pcb! So if this is the case you only need a new solenoid and pcb! Oh and you might want to fix the leaking AAV :wink:
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    Potterton Combi HE Plus A - Error E168 ?

    This is really scary these gas valves are very sensitive and that guide you are talking about where you turn it so it is flush and then 4 times is a very rough guide to allow the boiler to light! Now you have adjusted the gas valve without using a suitable gas analyser to measure the Co settings...
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    Boiler timer settings for Megaflo

    Best to have it doing both together! And on for an hour would be fine! :lol: