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  1. flameport

    My boots are loosing their sole!

    The cheap ebay ones are stolen, fake or both.
  2. flameport

    Shaver / toothbrush 2-pin adaptors - limited use?

    You can use an adaptor, 1A is 230W. However UK shaver / toothbrush plugs are not EU plugs even though they have a similar appearance. You need an EU to UK adaptor.
  3. flameport

    How would you move these sockets?

    Clip the cables directly on the wall behind the units, chase in the short vertical sections to the sockets. All will end up in the service void behind the new units. Unless they are Ikea units, in which case buy the kitchen from somewhere that actually knows how to make kitchens.
  4. flameport

    Three phase, split phase, or single phase when no rotating machines why three phase?

    For most end users, none. It's provided like that because that's how it's generated and distributed. Switching to high current single phase supplies would require significant changes to existing infrastructure.
  5. flameport

    Bathroom Cabinet Led Strip

    No, that is a constant current 700mA supply. You need a 12V constant voltage supply with a power rating higher than the rating of the strip.
  6. flameport

    how the xxxx do I change these bulbs? (Downlighter spots)

    No, they are halogen ceiling burners, probably 50 watts each. Perhaps 35 if you are lucky. Equivalent LEDs are 3 or 4 watts. From the pictures they look like GU10s, which are twist to remove as advised above. Box of 50 here...
  7. flameport

    Battons or chase first, daft query of the day

    If you must chase, then it's done before anything is fixed to the wall. As it's being covered with insulation and plasterboard, chasing is just a waste of time and money.
  8. flameport

    How would you move these sockets?

    As it's a whole new kitchen, scrap the lot and start again. Far less bother than attempting to extend 30+ year old wiring.
  9. flameport

    Air conditioner or Heat Pump

    All air conditioners are heat pumps. They move heat from one place to another. In the case of cooling, it's moving heat from inside to outside. When operated in reverse they move heat from outside to inside to heat the building instead of cooling it. Used in commercial premises everywhere...
  10. flameport

    Heat pumps
  11. flameport

    Radial off Ringmain Query

    Those devices are ultra basic, and will show totally misleading results for plenty of faults. They are best used as 'working / not working' rather than any kind of indication as to what the problem actually is.
  12. flameport

    13A Cooker - wiring requirements

    Please confirm exactly what you have and are intending to do. Currently you have gas oven to electric in the title, then mention an existing electric oven, then a cooker, and then a hob - all of which are different things.
  13. flameport

    Boiler Cage Painted

    Any high quality exterior gloss paint. However the surfaces must be prepared properly first, which means removing old paint and any loose rust, chemically treating the rust that's left, then applying metal primer and undercoat. All of the 'one coat slop over' things which claim to magically...
  14. flameport

    Heat pumps

    Almost all of the electricity generated from gas in the UK is via CCGT, which is what you linked to earlier where the gas is burned to drive a turbine directly and then the heat from that is used to create steam which drives a steam...
  15. flameport

    Smart Door Lock Coice Advice

    May as well just leave it unlocked. The 'security' offered by such devices is next to useless.
  16. flameport

    Replacing a transformer in a 48 lamp pendant to LED transformer

    That has happened because the light was designed for 10W halogen lamps. 48x10= 480W, well within the 550VA rating of the transformer. With 20W lamps, it's 960W, well above it's design rating.
  17. flameport

    SPD wiring

    1 - yes, its wrong 2 - yes 3 - it may have been, in that configuration it has the full voltage applied between the N and E terminals all the time, which depending on the supply voltage may have caused damage. Uc on that device is 255V N-E, which is very close to the maximum permitted supply...
  18. flameport

    Fitting 3 garden lights

    If they are LED, that is grossly excessive. If they are halogens return them, as you won't be able to buy replacement lamps. They will also waste away most of the electricity as heat.
  19. flameport

    12 v wall lights probem

  20. flameport

    Main Eco Elite Manufacturer Date

    That can happen with any boiler, new or old. Spending £1200 to replace a working boiler because of some fear of it breaking is nonsense. Boilers do not self destruct after 5 years, they can and should last for 15- 20 years provided they are serviced regularly. However there is an entire...