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    Pressure loss on unvented system with ideal logic boiler advice required

    Turn the boiler off, disconnect the condense pipe and put a bowl or bucket under the pipe where it comes out of the boiler. Pressurise the boiler to 2bar and leave for a few hours and check if there is any water coming out of the condense pipe we normally leave it overnight. If there is water...
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    Should I give Plumber's Mait time to dry before refilling cistern?

    Get rid of the plumbers mait and fit a new doughnut, make the siphon in with mastic, refit it and you should be ok
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    Thorn Housewarmer

    Why don’t you get the engineer that service’s it to take a look at it before buying parts you probably won’t need. If as I suspect you haven’t had it serviced if you post your location there may be an engineer on this site in your area. For those of us of a certain age, will know what the fault...
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    Toilet plumbing issue

    We cut them tight to the wall using a 9ins grinder with a metal disc and a vacuum cleaner helps to keep the dust down. Then fit a cast iron to plastic adapter a short piece of 4ins soil pipe and a straight pan connector...
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    Stuart turner monsoon 2 bar twin pump

    Have you checked the shower hose is not twisted and the filters and non return valves in the shower valve are ok if fitted.
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    Aqualisa Replacement Cartridge Urgent Help Required

    Clockwise is off anti clockwise is on
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    Aqualisa Replacement Cartridge Urgent Help Required

    Did you fit the new hot water seal in the back of the shower
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    Megaflo external expansion vessel

    NO you can not make any modifications to an unvented cylinder unless it's approved by the manufacturer The answer is NO
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    Gap around boiler flue

    DrWho the wind up merchant
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    Potterton Netaheat 60 main boiler not firing up

    That's a common fault easily repaired you don't need a new boiler
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    White of flues showing

    Baxi make a balcony kit to extend the flue
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    A question about boiler service charges.

    Repairs are not normally included in a boiler service so yes a service and repair are two jobs
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    Boiler pressure loss, wet ceiling? Help!

    If you post your location there may be someone on this site close to you.
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    System Boiler pump runs but no burner

    I would be looking for a blockage in pipework take a magnet and see if you have a magnetic attraction on all the pipework around the area of the cold feed, vent and pump the stronger the magnetic attraction the more the pipes will be blocked If there is an attraction then you will need to...
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    Shower pump problem

    Brain dead today lol
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    Confused over water pressure numbers

    You need to get a tap suitable for low pressure 0.2bar is ok for your installation.
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    Shower pump problem

    Remove the non return valves in the bar mixer, you don't need them with a pump, that will increase the flow rate if that doesn't work you will need a negative head pump. Most non negative head shower pumps need...
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    Shower pump problem

    Have you tried removing the non return valves in the shower valve.