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    Incorrectly installed shower screen??

    Hello - we have a damp patch outside the shower screen. We've been told that this is due to the shower screen being installed incorrectly as silicone has been applied where the screen joins the tiled wall (am told it should only have been applied on the outside of the screen). The silicone...
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    Brick up rear door?

    Hello, We'd like to brick up the door shown in red dashed lines in the plan below and convert that space in to a utility area for a washer/dryer. Are there any regulations that would prevent us doing so, mainly because there is a wc for which you'd need to go through the kitchen to get to the...
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    Shower valve nut screwed fully?

    Hi, Am not an expert so forgive any poor terminology please! Water is leaking out of the shower enclosure and showing as a damp patch at the bottom of the wall just to the outside of the shower and we've been unable to determine the source. I'm told it may be because the fitter applied...