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    Storage Heater problem

    Evening, I have a fairly new storage heater in my living room, it’s about 2 years old and has had fair usage. I noticed last week the switch on the wall was getting very hot to touch. I took it off the wall to find the cables going to the storage heater were scorched and melted. The supply...
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    Hoover HMA28SK Fridge Freezer Problem

    Morning, Over the weekend my fridge freezer decided that it wanted to claim my over time that I got this month. I noticed the fridge had become warm and some items had defrosted in the freezer. It needed defrosted as the ice had built up a bit so I defrosted the freezer over a few hours...
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    New front door fitted to close to the floor

    Hello! I had a new front door fitted a couple of weeks ago and they have fitted it too close to the floor so not only can I not tile the floor I had planned I can just about get a door mat under it! Is there a correct height? Or is it all different and down to the fitter to make sure...
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    Why is the cable going to the shower melting?

    Hello My brother has had his shower moved when he had the bathroom refitted. Recently the shower had been cutting out, loosing all power then sometimes coming back on by itself. I took a look and it looks like the ceiling pull switch was to blame because if you held the cord tight but not...
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    Cutting down a interior door

    Hi I havnt got a circular saw but do have a electric planer. I need to remove around 10mm of the top and bottom of a timber door. I used the electric planer before and its very violent and creates lots of rough edges and splits the wood very easy (was roughly cutting down the old doors when...
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    Cant find these blocks anywhere!

    Hello I want to extend my driveway so the second car does no have to keep parking on the grass. Im having trouble finding the blocks they used for the driveway. I dont think they are really for driveways originally. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Not sure which size door to buy

    Hello I need to replace all my interior doors. At present I have doors which look like they were all made on site to fit the frames. Not one of my door frames are the same size. To start off with im doing the Living room door first which currently it too high and not wide enough. The...
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    Was just about to buy a new storage heater

    Hello We have just finished decorating and need a new storage heater. I was just about to buy a new Dimplex XLS12N Automatic and I was thrown off by some information on the website I was buying from. It said "This meets the requirements of Building Regulation Part L1, which requires all...
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    Need help buying a Washer Dryer

    Hello I need a bit of help deciding what washer dryer to get. I dont have choice regarding having a seperate dryer due to space, so it has to be a combo. Basically I have £500 tops to spend (And need all or most of the functions listed below) Also I know washer dryers are prone to go...
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    Why does my coving keep falling off the walls :-(

    Hello We recently put up some plaster coving using Wickes coving adhesive. It went fine, looked great, all the corners smooth. About 1 week later hairline cracks appeared at the joins, corners and between the ceiling and wall. So I went about filling them but as I touched one of the...
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    What type of paint to use?

    Hi I need to paint the bathroom ceiling and the lightweight coving I put up. What type of paint do I need to use on the bathroom ceiling that can also go on the coving. Its not the polyester coving but the paper/card coated coving. Thanks!!
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    Plug socket question

    Hi I built a partition wall and at the time didnt think that I would need plugs on one side. Now I do need plugs, theres is not any mains to tap into nearby so I was wondering if I could use a bit of wire and put a plug on the end and a 2gang switched socket on the other end. Then set the...
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    Paint flaking off the walls

    Hi I removed the wallpaper in my bathroom and it took off the original paint applied over the plaster. The paint came off very easy like it wasn't even attached to the wall in the first place. Now all the paper is off, the rest of the paint is starting to flake off. If it is not flaking...
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    Nightmare with water cyclinder!

    Hi all The electric Imersion stopped working the other day so I went out and got another one. Went to fit it today, put the spanner on the electric imersion unit gave it a tiny tug and the tank split! Not bad but water was leaking from it. I rushed out and managed to find another...
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    Shower keeps tripping off

    Hi My shower keeps tripping off at the Consumer box. It does not do it straight away only when the shower has been on for a while (Approx 10mins) but it is random so its sometimes longer. Happens quicker the hotter I have the water. I dont remember it happening when the shower first went in...
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    Different size cooker wires

    Hi, I bought a second hand cooker and just before I was going to put it in I noticed that my original cable coming from my cooker switch is alot thicker then the one coming out the back of the new over. Is this a problem? My orignal cooker spec : 50hz - 240v, 11.4kw - 230v, 10.47kw New...