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    Connecting to mains electricity costs

    Hi there. I'm in the final stages of purchasing a building plot. I've sent off the online application to get my estimate from SSE regarding the cost of connection to the electricity grid and it can take 2 weeks. I can't wait that long thinking about the potentially horrific cost. Could anyone...
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    Tilt and turn mechanism failure.

    Hi there, after some rough treatment the tilt and turn mechanism on a kitchen window has buckled and now can only be tilted and then it has to be slammed shut. I've tried to bend it back with no luck and had a wee look online but can't find a similar type of mechanism. Any suggestions or...
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    Too much hot water

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone can give me advice on the following. I'm an experienced diy'er but please excuse my ignorance of the correct terminology. I have a multi-fuel stove with a boiler in it heating my hot water. There's a hot water cylinder and a large cold water tank in the loft. My...
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    Under sink water heater installation problem (a right pain in the Ariston)

    Hi there, I've recently installed an under sink water heater with expansion controls. I've got the mains going through an isolator valve then into a pressure reducing valve. This seems to be where my problem is. When I open the isolator valve the water flows for a few seconds, the taps work then...
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    which type of hotwater system?

    Hi there. I am renovating a wee 2 bedroom cottage. I would like advice on the best way to supply the hot water. I only need to run two hot taps for the kitchen and bathroom. It has excellent mains pressure. I would prefer not to have a water tank in the loft unless it was small, and an unvented...
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    the best wall ties

    Hi, I'm finding that choosing from the huge array of products available for most jobs is one of the hardest parts of my projects. What do you reckon is the best product available for tieing new stud walls to an existing stone wall? Thanks.
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    installing airvents

    Hi, I will be installing air vents into the exterior walls around my house. The problem is the walls are 3ft thick mixed stone and rubble. There are a few places where I can find spots to dig through and I can keep the air flowing around the sub floor o.k. but the hire places just give me the...
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    underfloor damp proofing

    Hi, I'd appreciate some advice on this. I have a 4ft deep crawl space under my floor. The solum is slightly damp earth so I've been advised to damp proof it to prevent damp and smells rising up.I'm laying thick polythene and weighing it down with a few inches of gravel.I need about 5 bulk...
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    roof windows on 5 degree pitch

    Hi, this will be the first of many things I need help with. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I am installing a profile steel roof on a 5 degree pitch and am struggling to find a suitable flashing kit for roof windows. Velux universal flashings suggest 15 degrees min. I would much prefer...