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    You're thinking of Eric James.
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    Screeding on top of bitumen

    If it's 20-25mm thick it is probably asphalt not bitumen.
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    Floor glue emulsifying! Help!

    The adhesive emulsifies with water. Therefore you probably have a leak somewhere. I presume the tiles will just peel up. If they do then scrape the emulsified adhesive off the floor and check for damp.
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    Solid Wood Flooring & Appropriate Underlay

    If it's solid it should be nailed or glued down so underlay is not necessary unless for extra sound proofing. Have you considered the possibility that you may need, in the future, access to the floor - pipes underneath/ cables to lights in rooms below etc. I would suggest perhaps a click...
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    Couldn't agree more joe - now if only we'd been like Russia and gone for some young totty.....
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    Kitchen flooring advice

    What you have is a laminate floor (presumably over an underlay) over vinyl tiles (probably containing asbestos) over bitumen over concrete. The chances are there will be no dpm in the sub floor. If you are going to put down sheet vinyl it will need to stuck to the sub floor, cushion vinyl...
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    Blackpool or West Ham?

    Well I like West Ham and I like Blackpool - but which team is better? There's only one way to find out...................................
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    solid wood flooring on to bitumen

    Yes it does - I think you did the right thing.
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    solid wood flooring on to bitumen

    If the asphalt was level why did you degrease, prime and screed - I don't quite see the purpose of that? You would only need to do that if you were sticking down the wood to the concrete, otherwise it's just a waste of time and money sorry.
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    solid wood flooring on to bitumen

    Yes I think the Elastilon method was the best way to go but did you degrease, prime and screed the asphalt or just lay dpm on top of the asphalt?
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    solid wood flooring on to bitumen

    You would not need another dpm over the asphalt. The thickness of the Elastilon will be approx. 4mm so that should raise your floor level by the required amount. If you want it raised by an additional 4mm. then you can screed but you would need to check with the manufacturer of the...
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    solid wood flooring on to bitumen

    I would ask the adhesive manufacturers if their product will be ok with the asphalt, rather than rely on the word of the asphalt people. I would not adhere a solid wood floor to asphalt again myself, I would use one of the two methods I mentioned.
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    solid wood flooring on to bitumen

    If it is as thick as you say it sounds like asphalt. It is possible to use an isolating membrane over the asphalt that will allow you to glue down a solid wood floor. However, there is a possibility that if the wood moves then it can pull the asphalt as the asphalt is not actually bonded...
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    solid wood flooring on to bitumen

    Is it bitumen or is it asphalt? Bitumen will be a thin, usually soft layer whereas asphalt will be a thicker hard layer and quite brittle. You need to check what it is before you proceed.
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    Floorers please - is this invoice for partial work fair.....

    If it's 7/8m2 then he would normally have to supply enough for 10m2 as one bag usually covers 5m2. The £10 /m2 would include VAT for me so that would work out to £100. If it was within a reasonable distance that is what I would quote. However you did not get a specific quote, so you've...
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    Laminate repair help

    I would suggest a repair kit from someone like Quick-step rather than wood filler.
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    Which flexible adhesive

    You may be better putting down a plywood overlay.
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    Floorers please - is this invoice for partial work fair.....

    Is the person concerned, a floor layer or just someone who is having a bash at it? A reasonable charge for laying a decent screed (F.Ball/Ardex/Mapei) would be approx. £10 a m2. but you would probably looking at a minimum charge dependig on distance travelled etc. The first thing that...