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    Oak roof truss..

    I am putting an oak king truss into a job i am on at the moment.. The purlins are going to be notched into the truss. I am going to notch the purlins into the truss so they are flush with the top of the truss (not sitting on top of it) I am using green oak and am intersted to know how...
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    Replacing Asbestos Garage Roof

    There isnt really a cheap solution to this thats why there are hundreds of thousands of these garages still around in this country.. You can remove the asbestos your self if you use the right health and safety gear and take it to your local waste centre if you call them before.. Eternit...
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    "White" undercoat with "Brilliant White"

    Put 2 coats of the emulsion on and you will be ok..
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    tips for installing corrugated plastic roof - corolux

    Make sure you get the correct spacing for your purlins or the roof will not last 5 mins
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    Asbestos roof on lean to?

    If you want to sort it out for a few years. Paint Acrypol over the whole roof. and pay special attention to the cracks and holes. Its not cheap but its the only sealant for this that really does the job.. if there are big cracks you can use flashband as well to repair them..
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    "White" undercoat with "Brilliant White"

    The undercoat will probably have a different finish to the vinyl matt as which you may notice as well.. it will depend on the room the room as to how much this will be noticed.
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    Tape that you can paint over???

    If you used tapered plaster board then it would be normal to fill the screw heads. Then you would tape the joints to give them strength and flexibility. and put one or two coats of joint filler over the joints then and sand as required. If you have not used tapered plaster board its not going...
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    Ceiling paint advise please

    It sounds like your planning on putting 3 coats of watered down paint onto the new plaster.. after already putting water and pva on it.. A wash coat is put on new plaster because it is so absorbent and sucks in the first coat of paint that is used on it.. If you put one watered down coat...
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    Oh no! Tiny leaves stuck in paint on window sill

    Just sand them off and put your next coat on.. If you can try not to be to hard with the sandpaper as you may see the sanding marks through the next coat when you eventually do it.. If this happens you can obviously just put one more coat on and that should look ok.
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    IDEAL CLASSIC 340 BOILER. Needs Help

    It is a Classic FF340.. All i can hear really when i try and turn it on, is 2 clicks from the boiler and a click from the room thermostat in the hall. The pilot light does not ignite and the pressure is nothing. The only sign of it doing anything is a noise from the top half of it...
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    IDEAL CLASSIC 340 BOILER. Needs Help

    Hi i run a building maintenance company.. Unfortunatley my boiler has ceased to work today. My house is 4 years old so i am hoping that nothing major needs sorting out with this.. I just want to check the basics before i get a plumber and would really appreciate any advice for me to work...