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    Professional disasters

    your right luke I did fail to call the trade idiots bungling probably cos I dont think bungling goes far enough anyone who declares themselves as a professional in that they exchange their skills for money and doesnt deliver is worse than bungling, far far worse
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    £60,000,000 yacht as present to the Queen.

    one thing you can be sure of is it wont be built on the clyde or belfast or any other british shipyard that no longer exists as for income, dont be silly, the running costs will far outweigh any money recieved by this country its being funded by private business , who will offset the...
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    Becoming a full time tiler

    Hi Marty tilers in cheshire are on about £200 a day its like any other trade, you dont charge by the day, you charge by the m2 so the more you stick per day the more you earn per day no spanish manyana here there is a shortage of decent tilers in this country so if you have the...
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    Professional disasters

    the op has the idea that us pros look down on diyers this is not so, there are two types of diyer the bungling idiot and the keen diyer who takes it seriously enough to research what they are doing and take care to do it right a diyer taking the time to log on here and participate is...
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    Papering over mist coated wall

    Hi Growler you , G&B and myself are all on the same page with this, you should always line under paper the problem here isnt to line or not to line but how you line a recently emulsioned substrate without the paper pulling the emulsion from the wall fortunatly the walls were dot and...
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    Papering over mist coated wall

    Hi John for mistcoating always use a matt emulsion, never use a vinyl as the vinyl coating will trap moisture in the substrate causing bubbling. like wise the first decoration needs to be matt emulsion, 12 months or so later a vinyl matt can be used, this also applies to scrubbable matts etc
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    Papering over mist coated wall

    you should always cross line under a paper as a matter of course the issue here is that the wall was emulsioned and the "client" changed her mind, nothing new in that and in the trade we have an armoury that can cope with changing horses mid race misting is a prime coat, its purpose is to...
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    Help creating a non smooth emulsion finish / fine textured

    use a long woven roller, roll a coat on but dont roll out. let set up for a while and then run the roller over it again, this should add a bit of stipple which will dry as orange peel I take it you used dulux retail paint which is designed to dry out smooth however applied the wall was...
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    Papering over mist coated wall

    use zinnser gardz to seal the wall prior to papering
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    Mist coat coming off with masking tape

    Dianne stop worrying, you havent done anythig wrong and theres nothing wrong with your plaster I take it you mist coated before xmas and have maasked up to paint frames etc, you dont say how long the taape was on but the problem with masking tape is it pulls the paint off when you peel it...