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    How do you fix a woodchip ceiling where a leak came through it?

    How do you fix a woodchip ceiling where a leak came through it?
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    creaking bedroom floorboards

    They are chipboard, so is it the same scenario as floorboards for fixing?
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    Hole in kitchen wall caused by leak from bathroom

    Hi can you tell me is Supadec Multi Purpose Filler a good one to use for this situation?
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    Endon Rome Floor lamp

    Thanks for the replies. With there being 2 lights on this lamp stand, its the top one that isn't working and the bottom one; the reading one is. How can one work and the other doesn't?
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    Endon Rome Floor lamp

    I would like to ask, about the above subject. The light went out in the top lamp, we tried replacing it with 2 new bulbs we had, neither worked, any ideas why? Thanks Jan
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    Combi Boiler Central Heating

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to my post re central heating and combi boiler. I think this has now been resolved by running the central heating more often and I have not been informed of any more faults by the buyer of the house. :D Jan
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    Combi Boiler Central Heating

    I have just sold a house where there is a Combi Boiler. The radiators have been on snow control for approx one year now as there have been no occupants in the house. The question is, how do I make sure that the central heating will now continue to operate as when the new owners put the system on...
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    Has anyone any idea why this happens? I and my partner use the same laptop at home, Inspiron 1501. I have no problem with the internet connection on Yahoo Mail, but when my partner uses it , he gets the error message above and has to reboot again. Also I believe that it is possible to have...
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    Hot water

    Hi thanks for your reply. This is a fairly new system that has been put into my father's house, it is a combi boiler. Where would I look to see if he had an unvented hot water cylinder? Thanks :D
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    Hot water

    :D Hello, Can anyone out there tell me why when I run a hot water tap that it is cloudy and remains that way for a while, even when running the tap it can be noticed that the water is nearly white? Jan
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    HI Can anyone tell me the cost of upgrading a fuse box from the one where you have to thread wires through when it blows? Jan
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    Electric Fuse Box

    Hi Can anyone tell me how it costs, approximately, to replace an electric fuse box from the one that you have to replace the wires in to the type where no wiring needs to be replaced when lights or other items fuse :?: Jan 8)
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    Vokera Digital Timeswitch

    :? I have a Vokera Boiler. I have pressed the reset button but cannot clear the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and reprogramme the time etc. Can anyone tell me what I should do? Jan Ainslie
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    Plumbing issue

    Last year we had a new bathroom suite fitted and it is just recently that the wash hand basin pipes are making a noise when the tap is turned off and the water runs away. When the toilet is flushed just after the bathroom tap is turned off there is no unusual noise. Any suggestions why or a cure?
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    Plumbing issue

    Can anyone help me with this issue :? When I turn my wah hand basin tap off in the bathroom, I get a glug, glug glug noise coming from underneath it, but if I flush the toilet at the same time as turning the tap off, the basin pipes do not make a noise?
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    creaking bedroom floorboards

    New carpet in bedroom but the floorboards underneath are creaking badly and making a noise like a car horn at parts, how do we sort this? :P