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    What kind of plaster is this?

    I want to take some old plaster - I assume it's some kind of plaster - back to the brick wall. It's a textured finish, and looks like it's a fibrous mat that just peels off, leaving behind a paper layer on top of something else. What is it - if you can tell from my description - and what...
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    Oak slab - how to smooth?

    At that price, I'll go for it - I was expecting more. WDIK: I said straight from the sawmill - I didn't add that it's been air dried for over a year, as I didn't think that was particularly relevant to this question.
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    Oak slab - how to smooth?

    I have a belt sander, but it's not working - that's another post. It does need taking down a few mm, so I'll probably have a go myself first, now that I know it's a realistic proposition. If it doesn't work I can try taking it somewhere. anobium, what do you call 'a few bob'?
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    Oak slab - how to smooth?

    I have a rather large (9' by 2') oak slab I want to turn into a simple desk. The surface is quite rough, straight from the sawmill. Currently the only tools I have that would be useful are an electric planer, and sandpaper! Will the planer do it? Would hand planes be 'better'? I assume...